Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 26, 2013

LumaStream Presents Industry’s First Plug-In Low-Voltage LED Lighting System with Trinity PC

LumaStream, Inc. announced the availability of its highly simplified LED lighting system with the industry’s first plug-in low-voltage power supply for commercial and residential installations. Based on its proven Trinity line of power supplies, the UL listed plug-in driver/dimmer is the first fully digitally controlled power source for LED applications, allowing simple, efficient, reliable, and cost-effective installations of high quality LED lighting systems.

•    Up to 12 configurable output channels
•    Ideal for 350mA to 1400mA high power LED applications
•    Best in Class, Smooth 0.2% to 100% dimming technology (patent pending)
•    SELV, LPS, NEC Class 2 outputs
•    Up to 243 watts of output power
•    87% efficiency
•    USITT DMX512A compatible
•    IEC60929 and ESTA 1.3-2001, 0-10Vdc Analog Interface Options
•    Surge Protection
•    Convection Cooled
•    RoHS Compliant

Designed with invaluable input from leading audio visual companies, the plug-in power supply features fully controllable, low voltage connections to luminaires and sensors up to 200 feet away. The system is akin to a stereo amplifier with speakers, and just as simple and fast to install. Features include the industry’s most energy efficient performance and configuration flexibility with both DMX512A and Analog 0-10Vdc communication interfaces. The digital power supply is capable of driving and smoothly dimming multiple LED Lighting fixtures from 0.2% to 100%.

Victor Adams, President of Tampa, FL based Intelligent Environments, a leader in creating interactive spaces, stated: “We are excited to add LED lighting capabilities to our audio visual offering. LumaStream’s products offer us with the opportunity to expand our revenue dramatically. This easy to install low voltage system provides superb control capabilities and a solution to the universal dimming challenges with retrofits. These systems are the perfect match for many of our demanding customers.”

Eric Higgs, CEO of LumaStream, added: “Our digitally controlled, efficient lighting systems have been proven for years in venues such as restaurants, hospitals, conference centers, office buildings, residences, and other applications where long-term reliability, light quality, and efficiency are critical. With the addition of this UL-listed plug-in version, we expand our distribution and open up a brand new market for our AV partners.”

LumaStream’s turn-key LED systems are available for sale immediately. For more information, visit

About LumaStream:

LumaStream provides innovative Intelligent LED Lighting Systems for commercial and residential applications. LumaStream systems feature digital low voltage DC power conversion and remote power technology that delivers high reliability system efficiency and multiple options for standard lighting controls. The Company is aligned with ‘best in class’ industry leaders for fixtures, control systems, and LED arrays. LumaStream partners with professional contractors to ensure knowledge and accountability throughout the supply chain. The company has offices in St. Petersburg, FL, USA and Waterloo, ON, Canada.