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LumenFocus Announces New Heavy Duty High Bay

LumenFocus has added a new luminaire to its product line – the PBLHD heavy duty high bay. Part of the PBL family, the more durable HD is ideal for applications where the luminaire could be struck – such as gymnasiums and recreation centers. Wireguards are optional for added protection.

Features Overview:
•    Applications: Suitable for most commercial and institutional applications - ideal for gymnasiums, recreation centers, manufacturing, warehouse
•    Lumen Output: From 8,000 lm to 50,000 lm
•    Max Lumens Per Watt: 150
•    Size Options: Available in 4-foot and 2-foot
•    Predicted L70 Lifetime: >200,000 hours (calculated)
•    Warranty: 5 year limited system warranty. 10-year extended warranty available on specific models
•    Certifications: UL 1598 listed for US and Canada, suitable for damp locations. DesignLights Consortium qualified on specific configurations

In addition to the cable mounting kits offered on the PBL, the PBLHD can also be pendant- or surface-mounted. It comes in 4-foot or 2-foot versions.

Several lumen packages are available, with a maximum output of around 50,000 lumens. The PBLHD can produce up to 150 lumens per watt. Dimming drivers (0-10V) are standard on most models. All boards and drivers are field-replaceable.

Frosted acrylic diffusers are optional to help minimize glare and improve aesthetics. Multiple control options are available – occupancy sensors, dimming sensors and photocells. Emergency packs and step-down transformers are also available. Conformal coating is an option for the LED boards.

The PBLHD ships with a five-year warranty, but a 10-year extended warranty is available for specific models. The PBLHD is manufactured in the USA. Specific configurations are DesignLights Consortium qualified. The PBLHD is UL 1598 listed for the US and Canada, and is suitable for damp locations.

For more information about the PBLHD, check out the product page on the LumenFocus website - https://www.lumenfocus.com/pblhd/

About LumenFocus:

LumenFocus, out of Henderson, NC, is a manufacturer of highly efficient luminaires with both LED and fluorescent light sources. In addition to manufacturing, LumenFocus offers a variety of services such as photometric analysis, energy and cost avoidance proposals, and lighting audits. For more information, visit www.lumenfocus.com


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