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LumiGrow Releases Pro Series E Horticultural Lighting Solution with Cloud-Based Wireless Control

LumiGrow has announced the worldwide release of the Pro Series E, a horticultural lighting product line that combines the best in optimized spectrum LED technology with cloud-based wireless control. Each Pro Series E fixture comes with a wireless control module included, so you can get up and running with the most modern lighting controls quickly and easily. Manage your lights from any phone, tablet, or computer via the SmartPAR™ Wireless Control System, and choose to be backed by the industry's best research support team running 10 years strong and leading 5-year warranty.

“We’ve engineered our lighting solution with our customers’ needs in mind. Our energy-efficient and intuitive design utilizes industry highest-efficacy LED’s. We’ve increased light output (PPF/W), implemented robust and highly reliable components-drivers, and offer a user-friendly cloud-based software interface to further boost your bottom-line and overall performance.” says LumiGrow Executive VP of Operations and Engineering, David Littleton at LumiGrow, Inc. “Our new product line empowers our users with ease-of-use and nimble response to changing conditions. Cloud-based wireless control allows for real-time adjustment of output intensity and spectral ratios for optimizing photosynthesis, achieving high yields, and improving commercial quality, all from your wireless device.”

Performance Meets ROI:

The Pro Series E product line takes advantage of some of the newest enhancements in LED technology, to provide more light output than their previous Pro Series, all while keeping energy-usage low. “When compared to standard HPS lamps, the Pro Series E typically pays itself off in electricity-usage savings within three years, with additional savings accrued each additional year of the fixture’s life.” says VP of Sales and Marketing, Jay Albere II. The new fixture delivers 50% energy-savings versus HID, runs up to 50% cooler than HID lighting, and maintains light output. LumiGrow also enables their devices with spectral control functionality so that you can achieve specific plant responses.

To learn more about what’s possible with LumiGrow lighting solutions and to read their spectral control guides and research papers, visit www.lumigrow.com

Grow How You Want:

No longer do growers need to be tied to rigid lighting arrangements and schedules. Take control of your lighting strategy by using SmartPAR™ Wireless Control System. Develop automated lighting schedules, adjust spectral ratios, and create lighting zones on the fly. Traditional lighting requires expensive wiring and infrastructure just to create and modify zones. SmartPAR™ frees growers to be more fluid with their growth strategies, enabling zone control, monitoring, and advanced spectral programs, all from any wireless device.

For more information, call (800) 514-0487 or visit www.lumigrow.com

About LumiGrow Inc:

LumiGrow, Inc., the leader in horticultural LED lighting, empowers growers and scientists with the ability to create individual lighting solutions that improve plant growth, boost crop yields, and achieve cost-saving operational efficiencies. LumiGrow offers a range of proven solutions for use in greenhouses, controlled environment agriculture and research chambers. LumiGrow solutions are eligible for energy-efficiency subsidies from utilities across North America. The company's more than 3,000 installations in 30 countries include top global agribusinesses, many of the world's top 100 produce and flower growers, more than 200 universities and the USDA. Headquartered in Emeryville, California, LumiGrow is privately owned and operated.