Products, Materials & Tools | Aug 17, 2012

Marshalls and Marl Launch Efficient Outdoor LED Range

Marl International and Marshalls, the UK’s leading manufacturer of superior natural stone and innovative concrete hard landscaping products, have created a new, affordable, stylish and very energy efficient outdoor lighting range. A new website has been launched to promote the new Marl Outdoor LED products, offering feature patio and driveway lighting for around the home and garden. Event lighting is also available.

Arianna Rawlinson, General Manager for the Outdoor LEDs range, commented, “This is a highly distinctive range that you’d struggle to find on the high street, and puts the ‘celebrity’ look and sensational landscapes within reach of every home and business. The Outdoor LEDs range is affordable, atmospheric and energy efficient – the essentials for exterior lighting.”

She continued, “Marl has been a leading light in LEDs almost since man first walked on the moon, so we know what we're doing, and our project list includes Live Aid concert lighting, Pink Floyd's Pulse album cover, Amy Winter's light reactive dress designs and London Fashion Week.”

The new range of luminaires is characterised by a high light output with energy consumption between 10% and 80% lower than alternative technologies. Marl LED lights are also exceptionally reliable and long lasting – offering up to ten years continuous use.

Centrepiece of the site is a range of driveway and patio lights that embed into Marshalls paving to create a truly stunning appearance as well as enhancing safety and security. These are complemented by a range of feature lighting to spotlight statues, signage, pools and other structures, and a range of spotlights and spike lights for easy installation alongside paths. Each light is characterised by a carefully considered design which balances style and rugged reliability.

About Marl International:
Marl International has specialised in the design and manufacture of visible LED indication and illumination components and systems for nearly 40 years. As UK distributor for Citizen, Lighting Science and Bivar and hub of a pro-actively managed international supply chain, Marl has unique access to some of the best Solid State Lighting and Electronics technology in the world. It integrates these technologies into energy efficient lighting and indication solutions. Marl International has world class design and manufacturing facilities, staffed by 120 highly trained and experienced specialists operating from a single site on a dedicated technology park in Ulverston, England. As a unified team, they offer agility, speed, flexibility, and willingness to respond to both needs and expectations as projects evolve and mature through the entire product life cycle. Marl partners with leaders in Defence, Aerospace, Entertainment, Transportation, and Lighting industries in the UK, Europe, North America, and Asia.


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