Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 20, 2010

Neopac Announced the King of LEDs Lamp - Neobulb Epoch VIII - for Indoor High Bay Down Light

NeoBulb Lighting, Ltd., A subsidiary of NeoPac Lighting Group, recently announced NeoBulb Epoch series. With technology tackled the highest power density for the LEDs illumination, the LEDs indoor lamps can replace traditional 400w mercury lamps and be mostly suitable for a variety of commercial and industrial places such as warehouses, plants, halls, airports, train stations, stadiums and showrooms that need high quality illumination.

Benefit from the sustainable technology platform for LEDs illumination - NUP (NeoPac Universal Platform), NeoBulb Epoch, a new flagship of down/pendent light recently announced by NeoBulb Lighting, Ltd., which is aimed to provide the most reliable LEDs lamps to replace traditional mercury lamps that are used for industrial and commercial applications such as warehouses, showrooms, factories and other spacious places that need high quality lights for illumination. NUP has been recognized a sustainable and a reliable solution with proven test data for developing LEDs luminaires embodying all advantageous features that NeoPac’s patented proprietary technology can bring. Derived from NeoPac, besides, it can provide a very incentive short payback time (within 2 years or even shorter) while delivers very high returns on investment with its useful life as long as more than 5 times than the payback time as presumed to promise by NeoPac (namely, the useful life of the Epoch series can be longer than 60,000 hours and save the power up to 70% as compared to traditional ones). Epoch series reveals NeoBulb’s pride attaining a new stage to demonstrate NeoPac's LEDs technology with so excellent the thermal management as to dissipate the heat generated at such a high power density up to 112W within a limited space of the fixtures.
NeoBulb Epoch series can replace traditional down lights. There are two types for the Epoch series - Epoch IV (56W), and Epoch VIII (112W). Both lamps are ingeniously designed by using 4 pieces and 8 pieces of 14W NeoPac Light Engines, respectively. NeoPac Light Engines, beside its high power density (14W/Engine) while keeping lowest constant junction temperature down to 60C, together with coupled narrow or wide secondary beams by the changeable optics to meet the needs for various circumstances that need ultra-high-power lightings. The optics can offer precise beam control for commercial lighting applications with two available cut-outs (Ø200mm and Ø400mm). The Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) is available for the warm white between 2,800K and 3,000K, or for the cool white between 5,000K and 7,000K.   Epoch IV is capable of providing maintained luminous flux at 4,000 lm while Epoch is at VIII 8,000 lm. Thanks to the unique thermal management system by NeoPac, the junction temperatures for both types can well be controlled around 60°C and can have an astounding lifespan up to 60,000 hours.
NeoBulb Epoch series, just like all other NeoBulb made luminaires, are ingeniously engineered LEDs lighting devices that are designed on the basis of the proprietary NeoPac Universal Platform (NUP). Empowered by this sustainable and structural LEDs technological platform, every NeoBulb product can perform excellently at ultra-high power with high luminous flux, low junction temperature (Tj), and extraordinary long useful life.
Jeffrey Chen, chairman of NeoPac Lighting Group, said: “Actually, the 112W Epoch VIII is the King of LEDs Lamp for indoor high bay down lighting applications and have been already broadly adopted with successful result at the showrooms of some world-wide leading automobile and railway companies in Japan, as well as have been installed at warehouses of famous big companies in Germany. The achievements wouldn’t be too more if you come to join us. Why not to speed up the pace by replacing traditional lamps to help on saving the earth, NeoPac offers well-packaged offerings for you if you come together on the campaign against global warming. This low cost barrier is optioned exclusively within limited period for the first comers only. It’s an AIS (Assembly In Site) solution.” For more details, please contact NeoPac at this email address: