Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 19, 2010

NeoPac Announces Standard LEDs Lighting Fixture for Commercial and Office Lighting

NeoBulb Quatre is a representative work of NeoPac Lighting Group in LED general illumination field. Consisting of four ultra-high-power 14W NeoPac Light Engines with 1,000 maintained lumen output, the total lumen maintenance of NeoBulb Quatre reaches up to 4,000.

In addition to high brightness, the LED luminaire spreads beautiful and uniform light by pairing with 4 special designed diffusers.

• Plug-and-Play for easy installation
• NeoBulb System-In-Package LED light engines
• Ultra-High-Power LEDs with safe junction temperatures
• Excellent thermal management to ensure LEDs performance
• Effective heat dissipation by back-end natural convection
• Energy saving, more efficient than fluorescent lamps.
• Effective LED life > 60,000 hours (L70)
• Full range of colors – white & phosphor warm
• False ceiling cutout size-600mm x 600mm
• 56W available

Light Source:
• Ultra-high-power NeoPac Light Engine (14W)
• CCT 5,000 - 7,000K (white); 4,500 -5,000K (mixed warm white)

Thermal Data:
• Junction Temperature (Tj): < 60°C ± 1°C (@Ta: 25°C)
• System Thermal Resistance (Rja): 0.63°C/W

Installation / Mounting:
• Fals ceilting with 600mm x 600mm cut-out

Benefit from the technology platform for LEDs illumination - NUP (NeoPac Universal Platform), NeoBulb Quatre featuring with sustainability will be long-term supplied to LED lighting market along with product uniformity. According to the product roadmap NeoPac announced earlier and the eigenvalue of LED efficacy roadmap, NeoBulb Quatre is built to be a LEDs lighting fixture that can be supplied to lighting market continuously with the same lighting pattern and the same appearance but at higher and higher energy saving. The power consumption of NeoBulb Quatre is 56W in 2010, which will be reduced to 40W in 2011, 28W in 2012 and even 20W in 2015 along with the increase of LED efficacy. More importantly, while benefiting of power saving, the optics, LED drivers, mechanism, structure and even appearance are to be remaining similar as it was first designed. This is meaningful to the maturity of LED lighting industry for the cost reduction and supply chain integration issues.

The installation of NeoBulb Quatre is design for false ceiling which is adopted regularly in commercial space. Benefit from the design of built-in power and driver, it can be placed directly into the false ceiling and turn on after simple power plugging-in. Under the circumstance of 40? environment temperature in false ceiling, the junction temperature of NeoPac Lighting Engine is still well controlled at 60?. The useful life of NeoBulb Quatre is carefully designed to be 62,000 hours by leveraging NeoPac’s patented micro heat pipe and system-in-package technology. To the convenient stores run round-the-clock, high quality lighting effect provided by NeoBulb Quatre can last for 7 years.

Before it is officially announced, NeoBulb Quatre is installed as general illumination fixtures in the lobby and elevator room of National Science Council, Taiwan. NeoPac Opto also offers NeoPac Light Engines with maintained lumen output at 1,000 lm and NUP technology platform to cooperate with lighting industry for mass production of the LEDs lighting fixture.