Products, Materials + Tools | Jan 02, 2012

New Breakthrough, ATG T8 LED Tube Achieves 95lm/W

In a continuous effort to provide more vision comfortable and higher brightness, ATG Electronics Corp. launches iBright™ new fourth generation T8 LED tube with 95lm/w luminous efficacy.

The tube is the most qualified replacements for conventional fluorescent T8 on the existing market. Frosted lens makes it emit very eye-comfortable light without glare.

Now the luminous efficacy can be improved to min. 95 lm/W, but with lower price. ATG adopts LEDs with excellent LPW as lighting source, which greatly raise the cost performance.

Besides, with power supply placed outside and patented thermal control technology, the tubes substantially achieve good thermal property and play more stable performance. They are well-suited for retail, commercial lighting and widely used to many shopping malls, supermarkets, offices, restaurant etc.

The iBright™ new fourth generation T8 LED tube demonstrates ATG’s commitment to creating most fluorescent-like and cost effective products which deliver on the promise of Think Green, Act Green.

Features & Benefits:
- Even color and non-glare beams;
- High Brightness (1.2m, Typ. 1650lm);
- High LPW (>95 lm/W)
- Most fluorescent-like LED tube;
- Stable performance with external power supply;
- 50% Energy saving;
- Good light quality and good heat dissipation;
- Minimum maintenance costs;
- Green and eco-friendly lighting source without mercury.

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About ATG Electronics:
Think green, act green. Valuing the global environment, ATG Electronics dedicates itself to the promotion of the LED applications.
ATG Electronics Corp., established in 1999 and formed partnerships with companies in California, designs, produces, distributes and licenses lighting emitting diode (LED) controllable digital decoration and illumination lighting systems.
ATG Electronics produces a wide range of technologically advanced products, including iVision™ V Series and oVision™ V Series LED Screens for Commerical Lighting; iBright™ LED Fluorescent Lights, eLucent™ LED XPower Lamps for Illumination Lighting; iLinear™ LED Ribbon Strips, iSignage™ LED Flex Strips and oSignage™ LED Modules for Signage Lighting; Smart™ LED Wall Washers, Infinity™ LED Rope Lights, and UniQ™ LED Border Lights for Architectural Lighting.
ATG Electronics also offers a comprehensive OEM service package including consulting, individual planning design and engineering, cost analysis, delivery terms prognostics, manufacturing, and warranty.
In addition, ATG Electronics licenses its patented technologies and provides technical support on project installation and system operation to create specified lighting effects for its customers throughout the world.