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Access Fixtures - New "No Light Below 450 nm" Troffers for Clean Rooms and Production Facilities

Access Fixtures has released a new LED troffer that emits no UV and no light below 450nm. Named FLAT, the troffer was designed for grid ceilings of clean rooms and production facilities that require no UV and no light below 450 nm. Prior to the advent of FLAT, clean rooms and production facilities that required no-UV lighting relied on fluorescent lamps with coatings (gold lamps) or filtered lenses to block out UV wavelengths. However, coatings and filters broke down over time, causing expensive production failures. The LED technology developed by Access Fixtures renders gold lamps and filters obsolete.

With FLAT, there is no risk of filters failing because there are no filters.  FLAT uses LEDs that do not emit UV and do not emit light under 450 nm. Even better, FLAT emits the most broad spectrum no UV and no light under 450 nm lighting available. The light is also flicker-free and fitted with a cutting-edge diffuser. The flicker-free, diffused, broad spectrum light will significantly enhance visibility compared to old gold lamps and filtered lighting solutions.

Many research and production facilities either want to reduce energy use or are required to comply with regulations such as CA Title 24. FLAT is ready for most if not all controls including 0-10 V dimming, occupancy sensors, and DALI. FLAT is not affected by frequent on/off cycles or dimming.

Surface space in clean room and production facility ceilings is required for air flow, fire suppression systems and lighting. To date, troffers have typically required a 2' x 4' space in a grid ceiling. FLAT emits the light of a troffer equipped with four 32 watt T8 lamps and does so using only 2' x 2' of ceiling space. The broad beam optics and diffusers distribute the light so the light is even and there are no hot spots.

The FLAT is independently lab tested and prototypes have been tested by Fortune 500 companies.

The following customer reviews speak for themselves:
•    "The driving reason for moving to [Access Fixtures] LED lights is because the current [light] intensity is WAY below our and even OSHA's requirements."
•    "Employees prefer it. The gold-green has really improved visibility in the area."
•    "The modular LED fixture will be ideal for our application. Having a truly off-the-shelf option on these lights is really a huge plus for us, not to mention the tighter wavelength patterns being emitted, and no risk of lens failure."

Available in 7,800 and 10,400 lumen packages and able to operate on 120-277 V or 347-480 V power supplies, the LED technology in FLAT is exactly what managers want for clean rooms and production facilities. FLAT features extreme life and is rated L70 @ 200,000 hours virtually eliminating maintenance. FLAT troffers are IP67 rated which means that they completely sealed and even submersible. Optional 90-minute emergency battery backup meets safety requirements while maintaining the no UV and no light under 450 nm standard. FLAT luminaires are protected by a 5-year Access Fixtures warranty.

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About Access Fixtures:

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