Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 23, 2010

New Streetlight by Ruud Lighting: The Edge

The way we illuminate the urban space is changing significantly. Thanks to THE EDGE products, the innovative LED series for outdoor lighting, it is possible to illuminate squares, streets, parking lots and tunnel with higher efficiency and lower cost than a traditional HID lighting system.

A key to achieve controlled output from these high efficiency LEDs is the optical performance.  Ruud Lighting “nano otpic”, a refractor that sits directly on the LED, can direct the light in a variety of light patterns (actually 8 different types of optics are available), with an improved efficacy and excellent light control.

The expected life cycle of THE EDGETM  products, is up to 100.000* hours, at an average ambient temperature of 15°C. At lower temperature and when adopting two level options, the life of the product can increase even more. The secret is, once again, in a totally new approach to manage thermally our LED products. The airflow system is a new concept developed to cool down the Led by maximizing the slightest air movement to draw heat away

To give a quick comparison with standard technology, the average life cycle of an HID products is only 20.000 hours. At that time it is necessary to replace the lamp in order to maintain the fixture efficiency.

The LEDs power takes place in DC, through an electronic converter with input voltage range between 120V and 277V 50Hz/60Hz; this device ,therefore, acts as a voltage stabilizer and makes the internal DC circuit (that supplies energy to the diodes) insensitive to sudden voltage changes or to voltage variations such as those generated by a flux controller. Thus, over the LEDs there will be no change of input voltage, as the voltage in wiring varies.

THE EDGE products is an extremely flexible solution for any outdoor environment. It can work in a two level option maximizing the savings and the performance of the lighting project.

Three colour temperatures are available. In addition to the standard white light 6K with a Ra 75, a 4K, and a 3.5K are also supplied with the product.

THE EDGETM by Ruud Lighting is a complete series of LED products for a wide range of applications: from street lighting to under canopy lighting, to urban décor and tunnel lighting.

The future technology:
• A clean technology: no waist and no heat generation (RoHS compliance)
• Cold Technology: minimum environmental impact
• No maintenance costs: a product build to last more than 20 years without service (No relamping, Self Cleaning system)
• Energy saving: today LED is the most efficient white light source

The LED system:
• Nano reflector technology: 8 optical options
• TRS – Total Reflectivity System
• Electronic management: dimming and control
• 5 years product warranty and 10 years finish warranty
• Every LED light bar consist of 20 LED of 1W, at 350 mA, which can be combined for 20W to 200W

A complete LED product line:
• Street Lighting and Urban Design
• Under Canopy
• Area and parking
• Urban décor
• Tunnel lighting