Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 19, 2010

Next-Generation Operating Theatre Lighting from Enfis and C-THME

The latest collaboration between UK-based LED Manufacturer, Enfis and Chinese medical lighting specialist C-THME heralds a step-change in surgical lighting technology.

Precise, tunable lighting in operating theatres contributes to patient safety by enabling surgeons to identify small differences in tissue and also ‘tune’ the light to match their individual eye response. This also reduces surgeon fatigue and shortens operating times.

Swansea-based Enfis produced a tailored LED light engine and this was combined with a unique fixture design by China-based C-THME to create the ground-breaking new product.

This new lighting technology delivers efficient, powerful, widely tunable light with no colour separation or shadowing:

The new C-THME light offers:
• Colour Rendering Index (CRI) >90; and
• Constant light output over a wide range of correlated colour temperatures (CCTs). 

It uses the Enfis UNO Plus High CRI Vari-CCT light engine with narrow-beam optics, and has two major advantages over the first generation variable-CCT discrete LED systems:

Major advantages:
• The Enfis LED Array mixes all the colours required to achieve the CRI/CCT range within one package - no colour banding, separation or shadowing
• Multiple ‘lamp heads’ with airflow through the light centre - improving the air quality and temperature around the patient

This product is now rolling out into hospitals in Europe.