Human Centric Lighting | Systems + Applications | Luminaires | Feb 14, 2017

OEM Systems Group Promises Healthy Light at the Workplace

Work is ever more frequently leading to health problems: In 2016, the number of sick notes through mental illness has reached a new high in Germany. According to health insurer DAK-Gesundheit*, they are responsible for 17 percent of sick leaves. Thus, mental illnesses are now the second most frequent reason for absenteeism.

Mental health problems and their consequences:

Time pressure, achievement orientation, a feeling of permanent overextension: The causes of burnouts and similar mental health problems can vary. One fact is certain: One in six sick notes is based on a corresponding diagnosis now. Mental health problems are not only becoming ever more widespread, but their consequences are also particularly grave. Given an average sick leave of 38 days (by comparison, in 2015 it was an average of 35 days), the burden is high for those concerned as well as for their employers.

The problem is known then – but how can it be solved? The sense of well-being at the workplace is certainly affected by a great variety of factors, starting with the work climate and the manner of mutual interaction as shaped by the management. But workplaces can also be made a lot healthier by constructional means, which is why the enormous interest in "healthy light" for offices and industry is not surprising. The knowledge about the effect of light in HCL applications is in hand and total solutions for implementing intelligent lighting systems are available at the OEM Systems Group, and directly realizable in luminaires. This makes the route to a lighting system for greater well-being at the workplace as easy as it can be.

Support the natural circadian rhythm:

The principle of HCL applications is quickly explained: The spectral composition and intensity of the artificial light are aligned with the natural fluctuations of the daylight and simulate them to a high degree – for a stimulating or also calming effect. The artificial light thus comes to support people's natural circadian rhythm. A high lighting quality in this context means to approximate the spectral distribution of sunlight as closely as possible. 

Various studies from the fields of education and medicine confirm the effectiveness. Students, for example, are more focussed, livelier and perform better in HCL lighting. Foresighted employers can also benefit from this effect in office, production and logistical facilities to improve the general well-being at the workplace, lower stress levels, and increase the occupational safety.  A conversion or new construction that is pending anyway offers the best opportunity for simultaneously also investing in the work climate and health with a future-proof lighting solution.

Our solutions for the workplace: the easy way to healthy lighting:

The OEM Systems Group provides luminaire manufacturers with all the components for already realizing cost-efficient HCL systems today.  This permits the natural biorhythm to be supported with the lighting: From a stimulating effect in the morning via a relaxed lunchtime through to periods of concentration in the afternoon.

MixedWhite systems cost-effectively and easily realised:

The centrepiece of the MixedWhite basic system is the controller.  It permits the lighting system's brightness and colour temperature to be individually adjusted by wall-mounted buttons.  The two DALI interfaces of the controller enable the connection of dimmable electronic control gear units for controlling LED modules with cold and warm white LEDs.  A particular advantage is realizable by combination with the ZITARES intelligent electronic gear because of its two independently controllable output channels.  This turns the MixedWhite basic system into a tailor-made manual solution for supporting the circadian rhythm.

MixedWhite plus – comfortable control with real-time clock:

MixedWhite plus builds on the convincing properties of MixedWhite basic.  Additionally this solution includes an optional real-time clock permitting an automatic sequence of characteristic curves that relate to the time of day with changes in the colour temperature – in accordance with the circadian rhythm.  Further energy savings are achievable by means of daylight-dependent adjustment and presence recognition in connection with a sensor.  An additional manual control of this system is conveniently possible per push-button or touch panel.  The uncomplicated programming of system parameters is possible by means of a smartphone app.  The parameters are sent to the touch panel or clock module by flashlight in iOS and by nearfield communication (NFC) in Android.


About OEM Systems Group:

OEM Systems Group is the umbrella brand for BAG electronics and ZALUX. The areas of expertise and products from all companies combined in the OEM Systems Group supplement each other ideally.