Products, Materials + Tools | Aug 26, 2011

Osram's Next Dimension in LED Lamps: 30 Years Service Life, Omni-Directional - 340°, Over 1000 lumen

With its Parathom Pro Classic A75 Advanced, OSRAM is launching the first LED lamp capable of replacing a 75-watt incandescent lamp. Boasting a consumption of just 14 watts, the LED lamp uses over 80 percent less energy than its incandescent equivalent and has a service life of up to 30,000 hours. In other words, this lamp won't need changing for about 30 years. It will be available to consumers in specialist stores from early 2012.

The new Parathom Pro Classic A75 Advanced is the attractive LED substitute for the ordinary 75-watt incandescent lamp. With a light output of 1055 lumens and a power consumption of just 14 watts, it easily surpasses the brightness of a 75-watt incandescent lamp and saves more than 80 percent energy in comparison at the same time. The light from the Classic A75 Advanced resembles that of an ordinary incandescent lamp. And as additional bonus, the new LED lamp is infinitely dimmable. "High luminous intensity, great durability and enormous energy efficiency – LED technology is the future of light and, as the market leader, we shape that future with our innovations and ongoing advanced developments. Following the substitutes for 40 and 60-watt incandescent lamps, the Parathom Pro Classic A75 Advanced we are now launching on the market is the first perfect LED alternative to the 75-watt incandescent lamp," says Christian Schraft, Head of Consumer Lighting at OSRAM.

New Design for Greater Efficiency:
The innovative design of the Parathom Pro Classic A75 is its most unusual feature, permitting an extremely high light radiation angle of 340°. The LEDs are arranged on surfaces all around the lamp and hence no longer radiate their light in just one direction, but offer all-round illumination. The lamps will be available in specialist stores from the start of 2012 for a recommended retail price of around 50 euros. Thanks to the electricity saved, the acquisition costs pay for themselves after just 3 years.

75-watt incandescent lampParathom Pro Classic A75 Advanced
Watts 75 W 14 W
Lumens 935 lm 1055 lm
Acquisition costs ~ 1 euro ~ 50 euros
Mean service life 1 year* 30 years*
Energy savings 0% ~ 80%
Cost savings
over 30 years**
0 euros ~ 365 euros

* Given an average service life of up to 1,000 hours (incandescent lamp) or 30,000 hours (LED lamp) and daily operation of approx. 2.7 hours.
** Given an average electricity price of 0.21 euros per kilowatt hour.

Ongoing Optimization of the LED Product Family
OSRAM is working continually to optimize its LED lamp range. For instance, series production of the new design is also imminently planned for LED lamps with lower wattages. The Parathom Classic A60 will be going on sale in its new look from the start of next year, and the Parathom Classic A40 is expected to follow around the middle of the year.

About Osram:
Osram (Munich) belongs to the Industry Sector of Siemens and is one of the two leading light manufacturers in the world. In the 2010 financial year, it achieved a turnover of € 4.7 billion. OSRAM is a high-tech company in the lighting sector and 70 percent of its turnover comes from energy-efficient products. The company, which is very much internationally oriented, has around 40,000 employees worldwide, supplying customers in 150 countries worldwide from its 42 production sites in 16 countries (30 September).