Products, Materials + Tools | Aug 27, 2010

Osram Claims to Offer the First Full 60 Watt Incandescent Replacement LED Lamp on the Market

The Osram Parathom Classic A 60 with 12 Watt is the world's first LED lamp shaped like an incandescent lamp that fully replaces a conventional 60 Watt bulb – and at the same time cuts energy consumption by up to 90 percent. Innovatively designed, it is infinitely dimmable and has an average lamp life of 25,000 hours. It will be available from retail outlets at a price of around EUR 49.99 starting September 1.

Energy efficiency can also look good, as the Osram Parathom Classic A impressively proves. It not only fully replaces a conventional 60 Watt bulb but also looks much better, not to mention its true inner values, such as a power consumption of just 12 Watt, a light output of 640 lumen, a lamp life of up to 25,000 hours, energy efficiency class A and infinite dimmability. The lamp is compact and unbreakable, too, making it ideal for all conceivable uses around the home as well as in offices and hotels. And it is the first of its kind. Osram has once again set the standards for LED lamps. "The Parathom Classic A 60 from Osram is the perfect energy-efficient alternative to 60 Watt bulbs. This lamp finally heralds the triumphant arrival of LED technology in living rooms and offices," explains Christian Schraft, Head of Consumer Lighting at Osram. The new Parathom Classic A 80 with an even brighter luminous flux of 806 lumen will also be launched in autumn.

Osram Parathom product family - LED lamps in all shapes for all purposes:
In addition to products directly replacing the conventional bulbs with screw base, the Parathom product family from OSRAM also includes LED lamps to replace halogen lamps rated at up to 50 W with all the commonest bases. Even today, these lamps are an appropriate alternative for ceiling lamps, spotlights and highlights both at home and in professional applications.

The Parathom Deco series, on the other hand, add a touch of color. With their bright range of blue, green, red and yellow color or as a color-changing version, these LED lamps create exactly the right mood for parties, in the living room or for the next garden barbecue.

All Osram Parathom lamps have one thing in common: they require up to 90 percent less energy than conventional bulbs and do not contain any mercury whatsoever. Their light does not contain any UV or infrared rays. Since the lamp uses an electronic control gear, it must be disposed of professionally and free of charge via a recycling station at the end of its useful life.

About Osram:
Osram belongs to the Industry Sector of Siemens and is one of the two leading light manufacturers in the world. In the 2009 financial year, it achieved a turnover of €4 billion, of which 88 percent came from abroad. Osram is a high-tech company in the lighting sector: Over 65 percent of its turnover now comes from energy-efficient products. The company, which is very much internationally oriented, has around 39,000 employees worldwide, supplying customers in 150 countries worldwide from its 46 production sites in 17 countries (30 September).