Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 27, 2010

Palco 5 adopts W-DMX technology

Palco 5, one of the most powerful colour-changing LED fixtures in the SGM range, has now adopted W-DMX wireless DMX technology by Wireless Solution Sweden as standard. Thanks to GSM-based technology, it can recognise transmission signals within a radius of over 500m. Palco 5's smart lines and its functional and mechanical features have now been joined by those of the new wireless DMX system.

Leading edge technology is non-invasive and sometimes even invisible. Without the restrictions of cables and wires, hardware has the utmost freedom of movement, ensuring practical operation in all types of applications. This is why wireless equipment is fast becoming a worldwide phenomenon and is synonymous with progress in all technological sectors.

Signals leave a DMX controller and reach the wireless transmitter's antenna which, from a distance of over 500 meters (1640 feet), sends it to the Palco 5 fixtures' antennas. The  wireless DMX link does not interfere with other types of signals, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GPRS-UMT and is not disturbed by them. The system has been tested with excellent results. The signal is transmitted via 512 DMX channels, so can be fed to several Palco 5 fixtures simultaneously, providing they are the within operating radius.

W-DMX is protected to IP 65, so it can be used outdoors even in bad weather conditions. Separate from the body of the Palco 5, but connected to it via an extension cable, it facilitates finding the ideal position for signal reception.

Equipped with a wall or pole mounting system, it meets all positioning requirements.

Without connector cables, Palco 5 becomes an even more versatile instrument. Its positioning possibilities are increased and its footprint reduced, leaving more space for lighting designers' ideas and projects.