Nov 03, 2011

Perfect and Elegant Blueboo High-Quality 1000lm LED Spotlights

Blueboo lighting company uses original CREE lamp bead as light source to produce LED spotlights with features of perfect appearance, safety, health, comfort, high efficiency, DIY design, energy saving, environmental protection, long lifespan, module design, heat dissipation design, intelligent control system and high colour rendering index, which are specially suitable for indoor lighting.

As a leading LED manufacturer that provides comprehensive solutions for different lighting demands, Blueboo makes efforts to develop LED intelligent system to provide customers with overall LED lighting solutions and high-quality products by continuous innovation. Blueboo manufacturer manages to offer customers more professional, qualified and satisfactory products and services, and create higher value.

Blueboo LED spotlights have prefect decoration function, which can strengthen lighting effect. LED spotlights help to highlight subjective aesthetic function to achieve the artistic effect of highlighting the key, unique environment, abundant ideas, rich atmosphere, colorful profusion, etc. With advantages of high efficiency, energy conservation, perfect outlook, long lifespan, fast response, green environmental protection, and pollution-free function, LED spotlights are widely used in cafes, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, shops, museums, galleries, emporiums, meeting rooms, exhibitions, etc.

Blueboo LED spotlights consist of AR111, MR16, PAR38, PAR30, etc. All Blueboo LED lights are made of original CREE chips with high quality and high efficiency. The luminous flux of AR111 can reach 1000lm with high brightness. Moreover, 5W and 7W MR16 can be widely used to respectively replace 35W and 50W MHL. Blueboo LED spotlights have various exquisite styles to offer customers defferent choices. Customers can choose their satisfying spotlights according to their favourites or requirements, which add beauty and spice to people's living. With well adjustable light colors, customers can easily change colors of LED spotlight by the controller. LED spotlight can create indoor lighting atmosphere with soft and elegant light to grace the atmosphere.

Key advantages of Blueboo LED spotlights:
Special design;
AR111 luminous flux can reach 1000lm;
5W/7W MR16 can replace 35w/50w MHL;
Light source: Use original CREE chips;
Saving energy: LEDs can save energy 75%;
Comfort: Create a warm and cheerful atmosphere;
Long lifespan: LEDs can last up to 50,000 hours;
Concentrating light: Achieve obvious adornment effect;
Easy repair: Just replace the broken components by yourself;
Safety and health: No ultraviolet radiation or toxic substances;

LED doesn't produce heat radiation and ensures commodities not to be damaged by heat. With no stroboflash, LED spotlight helps to protect the eyes from fatigue. LED spotlight doesn't create dazzling light with precise light distribution. In view of cold light source, LED spotlight is safe, healthy and environmentally friendly. LED spotlight doesn't produce light pollution with unipolarity and no diffussion.

Blueboo products' research and development regard customers' requirements as the guidance, based on the module design, intelligent control technology and automation technology advantage, to provide customers with complete indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. Blueboo LED manufacturer keeps sustainable and innovative, and attaches more importance to growing up together and long win-win with customers.

Light Source:                    Cree
Base:                                G53
Wattage:                           12w
Luminance:                      572lm
Color Temperature(CT):    3000K-3500K, 5650K-7000K,2630K-2850K
beam angle (with lens):     8°/25°/40°/60°
Operation temperature:     -20°C - 50°C
operating life:                    >50,000hrs
Input Voltage:                    12VAC
Frequency Range:             50~60 Hz (¡À3)
Carton Size:                      36.5 *8.5*30.5(cm)
Dimension:                        DM 111*58(mm)
IP Rating:                          IP55
P.W:                                   0.28KG
G.W:                                  2.80KG
packing:                            10pcs/carton
Warranty:                           3years
MOQ:                                10pcs

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