Products, Materials & Tools | Feb 14, 2013

Prolite Group Introduces a LED Flood Light for Professional Greenhouse Applications

GroFlood® is designed to be used in various plant lighting applications both as a self-sufficient light source in fully enclosed surroundings, and supplement light source with HPS, HID lamps.

The GroFlood® series has a wide range of special wavelength combinations for specific purposes, as well as single wavelength models. The GroFlood® comes in a number of power options, and spectrum and PPF can be customized according to specific needs.

The flood has IP-65 rating and can be placed in wet locations. It is used as supplement lighting for seedlings and plants in the greenhouses, in phytothrones and grow rooms.  

The main advantages are good spectral mixing, low heat generation, passive radiator, no noise.

About Prolite Group LLC:
"Prolite Group" LLC - Belarusian manufacturer of high quality lighting fixtures, based on light-emitting diodes (LED). The company has considerable experience in the use of LEDs: in a few years of operation were successfully implemented many architectural illumination projects in different cities of the Republic of Belarus and Russia. Many of these projects are landmarks. In assessing LEDs as light sources, “Prolite Group” cooperate with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, a number of Russian and foreign research institutes and industrial enterprises, specialists in lighting technology and solid-state light sources.


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