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Resclite PRO – Flexible, Programmable and Efficient Emergency Lighting

The new Resclite PRO LED solution from Zumtobel adds an extra dimension to emergency lighting. This smart emergency luminaire utilises new lenses to provide enhanced flexibility and combines an unobtrusive look with the highest function-driven performance. A subtle design and the addition of a new mini version means that the fitting almost seems to disappear into the ceiling.

Facts and Figures:
•    Light distribution (optics): escape, escape 90°, escape Wall, escape HC, anti-panic, anti-panic HC, Spot
•    Power consumption: max. 5W
•    Innovative NFC interface enables quick and easy control, configuration and maintenance via PROset Pen or PROset APP
•    Long-life batteries
•    Material: die-cast aluminium (cover)
•    Mounting versions:
    o    MRCR (ceiling recessed): IP 40
    o    MRCR mini (ceiling recessed): IP 40
    o    MSC (ceiling surface-mounted): IP 40 / IP 65
    o    MRWR (wall recessed): IP 40
    o    MSW (wall surface-mounted): IP 40 / IP 65
    o    TECTON: IP 20
    o    TRINOS: IP 65
•    Power supply options:
•    TRINOS: IP 65
    o    Self-contained battery systems: E1D / E3D (DALI 1- or 3-hour emergency power supply)
    o    Central battery: ECD (DALI) / ECP (POWERLINE) / ECC (circuit monitoring)

Modern emergency lighting has to guide people quickly, logically and reliably in the event of an emergency. Resclite PRO from Zumtobel continues the outstanding success story of the Resclite emergency portfolio. The small, energy-efficient LED spot with finely optimised optics is now even more flexible, even more powerful and even more intelligent. This emergency solution can be perfectly adapted to suit the requirements of different spatial environments and trusted to maintain maximum safety in a long list of applications – from offices and art and culture to industry. The new compact Resclite mini broadens the scope of the range even further. Thanks to its unobtrusive design, the mini version blends seamlessly into the structure of the building, making it the ideal choice for architectural projects.

The ideal light distribution for every application

A series of precisely optimised lenses ensures the best possible solution for a diverse range of locations. While the escape lens fully illuminates long escape routes, Resclite PRO can now also light up corners with a new escape 90° optic that covers two corridors at the same time, such as lateral passageways and shelf aisles in shops. The escape wall lens is the perfect option for mounting on vertical surfaces in stairwells and buildings with high ceilings. Large-area rooms like offices and conference rooms can call on the services of the anti-panic lens, which helps reduce concern and confusion in the event of an evacuation by using a square distribution to push the light into every corner. In addition, the spot optics provide clear vertical illumination of fire extinguishers and first-aid equipment. The range is completed by two more variants of the escape and anti-panic lens. The high-performance (HP) version provides increased illuminance levels or wider spacings of up to 35 metres between the individual luminaires, offering the perfect product for large industrial sites and logistics halls. The high-ceilings (HC) variant is planned for mounting heights of between 7 and 30 metres, guaranteeing effective emergency lighting in buildings such as production facilities and DIY stores.

Intelligent lighting for maximum safety

Thanks to the new PROset technology from ZGS (Zumtobel Group Services), Resclite PRO can be quickly and directly addressed and configured using the dedicated PROset smartphone app. The NFC (Near Field Communication) interface offers the chance to easily programme various switching methods, including permanent light, non-maintained mode and specific dim values. The emergency light is also serviced via the interface. Parameters such as temperature and voltage are constantly monitored and recorded in a black box. All the information is stored permanently and can be accessed immediately. The configuration of Resclite PRO is also possible in projects without a central controller.

Simple and versatile installation

The flexible Resclite PRO range can be installed in various different ways to suit the conditions of individual applications. When it comes to ceilings, the standard and mini luminaires are available as recessed or surface-mounted versions. Alongside the IP40 version, the model with an IP65 housing ensures added protection against the dust and water that often prove a challenge for solutions in industrial buildings. Discrete integration into the TECTON and TRINOS continuous-row lighting systems from Zumtobel is also an option. The rotatable luminaire module means that the light distribution can be adapted to suit the respective building situation in just a few seconds, ensuring safe and accurate emergency lighting in every project. Resclite PRO – your guide in case of an emergency

For additional information, please visit www.zumtobel.com/com-en/products/resclite.html

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