Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 23, 2013

Rich Wall LED Lighting Products Re-Introduces the Classical A-Bulb Shape with their Replacement Lamps

Rich Wall announced totally new design LED Lighting products with whole solid state circuit design without transformer and capacitor, suitable for existing TRIAC dimming control, high efficiency and constant power consumption Technology.

Key Features:
•    Classic incandescent E27 bulb shape - LED bulb
•    Wide luminous distribution (real 330° beam angle) – LED bulb
•    Less heating compare with others LED products ( at least 30% less )
•    Over Current, Voltage and Temperature Protection
•    High efficiency ( 90-120LM/W, Depends on products )
•    Constant power consumption design
•    Whole solid state circuit design without transformer and capacitor
•    Wide operation temperature ( -20-60 C )
•    Long lifespan ( over 40,000 hrs ) , high PF
•    Works on existing TRIAC dimming control switch

Rich Wall Technology Co. Ltd. Will be happy to serve OEM customers!
For further questions or inquiries, please contact Mr. David Liu per email or call to +886-2-8789-8928.

About Rich Wall :
Rich Wall Technology Co. Ltd. a Taiwan based company founded in 2008 with supreme design ability in LED Lighting products. We bring a totally new concept design in Led lighting products. With a strong focus on consumer demands and a keen sensitivity to the dynamic technological trends, Rich Wall Technology Co. Ltd. is able to actively introduce innovative and sought-after products to the market of consumer electronics. Rich Wall Technology Co. Ltd. leaps ahead of the competition with cutting-edge technology and fast time-to-market, so much so that the range of LED lighting products from Rich Wall Technology Co. Ltd. comes standard with features and functions that rival other major brands and manufacturers.
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