Products, Materials + Tools | Feb 25, 2013

Samsung Introduces LED Tube with Industry’s Highest 140 Lumens-per-Watt Efficacy

Samsung Electronics announced that it started production of a new AC direct type LED tube (L-Tube) that features the industry’s highest efficacy of 140 lumens per watt (lm/W) at 5000K. The new Samsung S-140 L-Tube will be introduced in Japan first.

“High efficacy is one of the key indicators of technological excellence in the LED lighting industry and Samsung is leading the way by offering one of the industry’s most advanced products in our new S-140 L-Tube,” said Jaap Schlejen, senior vice president, LED lighting sales and marketing of Samsung Electronics. “Samsung will continue to invest in R&D and LED package innovation in order to maintain its technology leadership in the global L-Tube market,”

The new Samsung S-140 L-Tube (Model number: SI-L8R16112AJP) offers the industry’s best luminous performance among AC direct LED tubes in a 1200 millimeter length form factor. The 15.4W L-Tube offers a typical efficacy value of 140 lumens per watt at 5000K color temperature.

Compared to conventional fluorescent lighting products, LED tubes provide up to 2 times higher efficiency in a fixture while consuming less electricity. When used to replace a standard fluorescent tube, the new Samsung S-140 L-Tube offers a calculated payback period of approximately 2 years.

Along with the 140 lm/W L-Tube, Samsung’s S-140 series includes a lineup of L-Tubes with different lengths, color temperatures, and light output levels. Among the S-140 series are L-Tubes that feature high efficacy (HE), and also L-Tubes with high output (HO), delivering up to 5400 lumen brightness (lm) in 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K CCT (Correlated Color Temperature). Given the wide product range, the L-Tubes can be used to satisfy different spatial and brightness needs in applications such as in big box retail, grocery, industry, and office.

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