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Selteka Introduces Skylighter Luminaires for Biodynamic, Enhanced Human Centric Lighting

On 18 March at show Light + Building 2018 in Frankfurt, Selteka will present Biodynamic, Enhanced Human Centric lighting luminaires Skylighter with BIOWN light mixing technology – amazing light spectrum and color rendition, automatic light intensity and color profiling which supports natural human biorhythm.

BIOWN Light Technology

Smart LED Lighting System: Biodynamic BIOWN light technology is developed by the Lithuanian company Selteka in collaboration with scientists from Vilnius University and Kaunas University of Technology.
Hence, it is based on know-how, which comes 50 years of experience in electronics business and also is supported by the theoretical knowledge from academia.
The BIOWN brand reflects the biological needs, which are essential for every human. Created system which is not only energy-efficient, it's also adopts the natural biorhythm, which maybe even more important than practical visual demands. This is a new step in enhancing people's living and working environment.

Visual Function: The super smart six different light channel mixing technology is one tool to enhance "Zeitgeber‘s". Designed to improve the physiological processes of adapting to prolonged presence under artificial lighting. BIOWN technology, provides light management to keep the color rendering index Ra>95 and R9>90 in all CCT range 2700-6500 K.
Automatically supports organic day light color temperature and intensity rhythm, responds to external lighting dynamics and the people in the room.

Emotional and Biological Effects: Extensive Melanopic Lux range and Flicker free in a range of up to 800 Hz. Comfortable smart technology that enables people working/living under long periods of time without natural light to experience a light source that allows them to live closer to their circadian rhythm.

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About Selteka:

JSC Selteka is one of the Eastern Europe’s largest manufacturers of electronic products and the oldest electronics manufacturer in Lithuania. Company has a rich experience in the field of electronics and now involves two business segments: EMS services and ODM for LED lighting solutions related to Enhanced Human Centric Lighting.
JSC Selteka is the company for design, development and manufacture of the BIOWN light technology.