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Shanghai Winsun Electronics Launches 35W/50W MR16 Retrofit with Ground-Breaking Quality and Revolutionary Price

Shanghai Winsun Electronics Co.,Ltd, a professional high power LED light designer and manufacturer has announced the launch of two new revolutionary TRIAC dimmable LED spot MR16. Adopting original Japanese NICHIA LEDs with a lumen output of up to 400lm and 530lm (CT3000K) for the new 6W and 8W LED lamps, WINSUN offers a breakthrough price at US$1.00/50lumens and 5 years warranty.

These two new MR16 lamps are 6W and 8W respectively, adopt the newest original Japanese NICHIA LEDs with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hrs and high CRI of up to 85Ra. Color temperature is available at 2700K, 3000K and 5000K, lumen output up to 400lm and 530lm (CT3000K) which allows for complete replacement of a 35W and 50W halogen without compromising on the light output. In addition, you don’t need to worry about the size since its form-factor guarantees a 100% form-fit on the back-side of the lamp (exact form fit with halogen lamps). Moreover, these two lamps are compatible with a wide array of 12VAC/DC power supplies and electronic transformers, TRIAC dimmable with recommended dimmers and are available with most common lighting control systems. Since there is no cooling fan inside the lamps and they use an ultra silent design, they are very quiet even when dimming. What is more, there is no electrolytic capacitor inside the drivers, thus they have a possible lifespan for as long as the LED’s, which allows WINSUN to offer a 5 years warranty.

In order to assure clients about buying, these lamps were tested by an authorized testing organization in Europe to make sure all the technical data is true and objective. The test results were positive and they also have a CE certificate from SGS and RoHs test report from TUV. Besides all that, all the products which are delivered to clients carry the NICHIA authorized label which shows the lamps are manufactured with genuine NICHIA LEDs.

“Produce the most reliable lighting products and let it be easy for people to obtain them. It's our mission, it's what we're passionate about. No matter how great the function is, it doesn't mean anything if people can't easily use and afford it”, said WINSUN general manager, Mr. Eric Xue . “Today we feel that we are closer to the target since we came up with the two most worthy dimmable MR16 led lamps. Perhaps no LED MR16 lamp in the industry can optimize LED performance while never losing sight of providing superior light effects with such a revolutionary price and long warranty is these two new WINSUN MR16 lamps.”

Established in 2008, WINSUN is a fast developing company who specializes in designing and manufacturing high power LED lights for indoor use. It is one of the most important customers of Japanese NICHIA. All its products use original NICHIA LED with patent design.

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