Products, Materials + Tools | May 11, 2012

Soraa Announces First Full Spectrum LED MR16 Lamp Challanging Halogen Color Performance

Soraa, the world's leading developer of GaN on GaN (gallium nitride on gallium nitride) solid-state lighting technology, today announced the launch of its VIVID LED MR16 lamp. The new product is the first full spectrum LED MR16 lamp with color quality and rendering superior to both traditional halogen and competitor LED lamps. With a CRI of 95 and R9 > 90, the VIVID LED MR16 is the highest output LED MR16 lamp with the best color performance available on the market today.

With rich saturated color rendering, and excellent color stability, Soraa's VIVID LED MR16 lamp is the lamp of choice for demanding display applications. Soraa's VIVID MR16 lamp offers superior light quality, while being 75% more energy efficient than comparable halogen lamps. It is designed to replace standard 40 to 50W MR16 halogen lamps and is available in 2700K and 3000K correlated color temperatures.

Soraa's proprietary GaN on GaN technology allows for LED products that match the black body curve as is produced by halogen and incandescent lamps, widely considered the optimal light color spectrum. Unlike competitor LED lamps, Soraa's VIVID LED MR16 offers full coverage over the entire spectral range and has no pronounced blue peak or violet and cyan dips common in all other LED lamps. Having overcome the blue overshoot commonly associated with poor color quality in competitor LEDs, Soraa's VIVID LED MR16 lamp is unparalleled in color quality and color rendering.

"With the launch of the VIVID MR16, we demonstrate a very clear link between performance and our breakthrough GaN on GaNTM technology," said Soraa CEO Eric Kim. "We believe that with GaN on GaNTM there is no longer any reason to compromise light quality or color performance in the name of energy efficiency."

"For years, lighting designers have been holding back on embracing LED MR16 lighting mostly due to both inadequate light output and only mediocre color quality," said Jim Benya, one of the world's most prominent lighting designers. "Now, here is the first example of LED MR16 technology providing both high output and excellent color, allowing large-scale, mainstream adoption of LEDs in the critically important MR16 marketplace."

In addition to launching its new VIVID LED MR16, Soraa has released a white paper authored by lighting designer Jim Benya. The paper explores the benefits of GaN on GaNTM based LED technology with regard to lumen density and color quality and rendering in the critical MR16 format. The paper will be available on the tradeshow floor of Lightfair International 2012 at Soraa's booth, #5647. The white paper will be available for download soon from the Soraa website at

About Soraa:
Soraa is the world's leading developer of solid-state lighting technology built on pure gallium nitride substrates, commonly referred to as GaN on GaNTM. Only Soraa uses a pure GaN crystal to create simply perfect light. Founded in 2008, Soraa has developed the world's first commercial GaN on GaNTM LED lamp fabrication facility located in Fremont, CA. Soraa's investors include Khosla Ventures, NEA, and NGEN Partners.