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Soraa VIVID™ Warm Dim Lamps: Achieving New Light Quality Levels

Soraa Inc., the world leader in full spectrum color technology and optical expertise, today announced its highly anticipated SORAA VIVID-Warm Dim lamps, designed to equip lighting professionals with a specification-grade dimmable lamp that integrates Soraa Point Source Optics™ and industry-leading color rendering capabilities.

Shifting to pleasing, warmer hues as light intensity decreases, SORAA VIVID-Warm Dim maintains the high color quality that Soraa is known for. Ideal for environments that require warm dimming capability, SORAA VIVID-Warm Dim lamps are suitable for new construction and are a perfect choice for relighting existing installations.

"Adding warm dimming capabilities to our VIVID lamp portfolio showcases the power and versatility of Soraa's signature lighting technology in an elegant form factor suited for every lighting designer's repertoire," said Dr. Kieran Drain, President and COO of Soraa. "These lamps were designed for projects that require beautiful light quality in warmer hues, which is why we made no compromise in the design of these products."

Soraa VIVID-Warm Dim lamps feature new market innovations with three different types of LEDs in a 24-array configuration we call SORAA MOSAIC™ technology to achieve smooth beam edges with the industry's only 24 package design, which is 5 times greater than any other competing warm dim lamp available today. The result is a remarkably consistent light distribution, beautiful beam spread, and high-definition color and white rendering capabilities.

"The design of our warm dim LED package leverages the smallest die available today, allowing us to achieve the unique configuration that SORAA MOSAIC technology brings to our VIVID product portfolio," said Aurelien David, Chief Scientist of Soraa. "Thanks to this, whether the light intensity increases or decreases, SORAA VIVID-Warm Dim lamps' CCT matches the halogen dimming curve from 3000K to 1800K, maintaining perfect color and beam quality throughout the entire dimming range."

"With Soraa VIVID Warm Dim lamps, we can now re-imagine how we approach creating the intimate spaces where that magic matters most. The breathtaking color rendering capability Soraa now brings with warm dimming capabilities demonstrates along the entire dimming curve reveals a whole new realm of possibilities for how we can set the mood in spaces where life's most prized moments often occur," said Rodrigo Albir, Principal at Studio RODA in Miami, Florida.

Soraa VIVID-Warm Dim MR16 GU5.3 2700K lamps are available now. Soraa VIVID-Warm Dim MR16 GU5.3 3000K and AR111 are available starting in early Q3 2019.

•    12V | MR16 GU5.3
•    12V | AR111

•    SORAA MOSAIC™ Technology

•    25° Narrow Flood, 7.5W
•    36° Flood, 7.5W
•    25° Narrow Flood, 19W
•    36° Flood, 19W

•    CCT Range: 2700K-1800K, 3000K-1800K
•    CRI 95+, R9 95, **Rw 100
•    Engineered using TM-30 methodology
•    Flicker-free, no buzz, highly compatible

•    Residential
•    Restaurant
•    Hospitality
•    Spa
•    Wellness

Contact Soraa customer service for the most accurate pricing and stock availability.

About Soraa:

Since 2008, Soraa has delivered a unique LED lighting experience with the singular purpose of leading the world in superior lighting products where color matters: high-end retail, world-class art museums, premium restaurants and hotels. Pioneering LEDs built from pure gallium nitride substrates (GaN on GaNTM), Soraa full-spectrum lamps and fixtures deliver superior color rendering and beam characteristics compared to others using LEDs created from non-native substrates. Soraa is based in Fremont, California, where it designs and manufactures its LEDs.


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