Products, Materials + Tools | Sep 19, 2013

Stanley Release Ultra Narrow Light Angle LED Flood Light

Stanley Electric Co., Ltd, an LED manufacturing professional from Japan, has released LLM0545A , a combination of high power LED and advanced original optical design utilizing an ultra-narrow angle lens, efficient light distribution , simple design with a light weight slim body, whilst also realizing true energy saving.



Beam Angle

Luminous intensity






Power Consumption


Estimated Life






Combining high-efficiency LED devices and advanced optical design enables us to obtain both high quality light and a simple structure. With its slim and body form, space can be saved and the installation process becomes much simpler.

Ultra Narrow Light angle LED Flood light LLM0545A is ideal for land scape lighting, up-lighting, wall washer, search lights, supplemental work light for tall places etc.

Stanley is known as an automotive equipment manufacturer making headlamps and rear combination lamps. While at the same time, electronic components manufacturing focusing on LED is also part of Stanley’s core business activity. LLM0545A is the perfect combination that represents Stanley`s advanced technology in these two core business areas, with light distribution control technology developed by our automotive research team, and original LED manufacturing technology created by our optoelectronic division

Besides floodlights, Stanley also has product lines for both indoor and outdoor light, even for plant growth light.
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About Stanley Electric Group:
Stanley Electric Group is a “Light-Creating” manufacturer with over 10,000 employees. From the production of LED devices to assembly, we support all your needs with high technology and high quality products at our locations around the world. With our recognized optical technology in automotive lighting, our products, including head lamps and others optical devices, are adopted by most of the automotive manufacturers around the world.