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Taiwan optical disc maker Prodisc debuts patented LED lamp technology

Taiwan optical disc maker Prodisc debuts patented LED lamp technology LED Luminaire | May 30, 2007 Prodisc Technology, a second-tier maker of optical discs in Taiwan, announced it has successfully developed Tri-optical layer (TRIO), an optical-film manufacturing technology for applying LEDs (light-emitting diodes) to table lamps, and has secured patents in Taiwan, Japan, Europe and China, with application of the technology to begin in July 2007.

Prodisc`s technologies in optical engine components, rear-projection screens and optical lenses was practically helpful for its development of TRIO, according to Jason Cheng, president of storage media division, Prodisc at a press conference on May 28.

TRIO is able to convert point light sources of LEDs, appearing as uneven dotted light, into sources of parallel linear light, resulting in even and soft luminance, Cheng explained. In addition, TRIO is able to convert low-wattage LEDs to high-brightness to reach high power-saving efficiency, Cheng pointed out.

TRIO can be used to apply LEDs to lighting devices and Prodisc has selected table lamps for the initial application, Cheng indicated. Prodisc has obtained OEM orders for such LED lamps from own-brand vendors in Japan and is also negotiating with European own-brand vendors, Cheng indicated. In addition, Prodisc will launch such LED lamps for sale in Taiwan under its own brand in July, Cheng noted.

In addition to Prodisc, Lead Data, Daxon Technology and Gigastorage, three other makers of optical discs in Taiwan, have also stepped into development and/or production of niche-market products other than optical discs due to increasing competition and thinning profitability in optical disc business operations, according to industry sources.