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Taiwan Opto Tech Launches Modular LED Street Light

OPTOTECH currently plans to mass produce 55W and 105W street lights that can be used with solar power or AC power.

OPTOTECH’s ideal street light is unique, streamlined and ultra-thin, and will be expected to meet the global market demand. Currently, the products have passed the testing and verification standards and new patents have been applied for in the USA, China, and Taiwan. Those that have already inquired about and ordered this product include government agencies and businesses from various countries.

In a time of energy shortages and high energy costs, being able to effectively improve the efficiency of lighting equipment has become an important issue. The rapid growth in LED technology has given LED products the advantages of high efficiency, long lifespan, being environmentally-friendly, and having no heat radiation. This is the reason that governments are promoting the replacement scheme for conventional light sources with LED lights. Following the trend, OPTOTECH plans to introduce a series of green lighting solution products to meet the demand of the global market.
Based on the advantages of energy, environment and sustainable development, the street lights that OPTOTECH plans to introduce have four main functions which include a modulized design, a unique cooling technology, a new optical design, and an excellent power module. In the modulized design, OPTOTECH considers practicability as the highest priority. Therefore, the internal structure is designed with a patented module with a hinge and E type ring buckle, which means its maintenance or replacement can be performed by one person. The product’s unique cooling technology makes it into a “breathing street light,” in which the heat generated by the optical module is quickly and effectively reduced by emission technology that uses a heat sink (aluminum) incorporating a heat pipe (copper) for the thermal conduction method with the outer cover’s ventilation holes. Its new optical design meets international standards after going through precise optical testing, with a perfect butterfly-shaped photometric curve that was designed with driving safety in mind. The product’s photometric curve produces better illumination and achieves a more comfortable lighting effect than other competitors. Its excellent power module with 90% and above conversion efficiency and its constant current output can last LED lifetime over the long-term.
tony2010electronic says: (on Nov 24, 2010 10:23 AM)
Dear Sir,

We have LED lights with UL, CE and RoHs on spot lamp, light bulb, down light and high bay light.

JIESEN LED LIGHTING is a China-based company selling high quality LED lighting products produced by our select partners who are professional lighting manufacturers at country.

We are committed to providing quality, sustainable products that are a direct replacement for incandescent, halogen and CFL bulbs and fixtures. LED lights are solid state, non-toxic, contain zero mercury and are environmentally friendly, so LEDs are clearly a far better choice to cut energy costs and to be safe to the environment.

Should you have any problems, concerns or issue, please feel free to contact us or email us.
Thank you.

Best Regards.
Tony (Sales Representative)

Tel: 86-0757-82783242 Fax: 86-0757-82783240
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