Products, Materials + Tools | Oct 09, 2012

Toshiba Introduces Roadway and Industrial LED Luminaires with Enhanced Features

Toshiba International Corporation released two newly enhanced LED luminaires for use in roadway and industrial applications. Toshiba has taken a unique approach to its luminaire product design to optimize the LED’s longevity and reliability, which translates to greater energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs than conventional luminaires. The Toshiba TGT LED Luminaire for roadways includes innovative construction, on-board lighting controls and a unique electrical design. The end result is a luminaire for roadway applications that offers an LED array with an expected life of 100,000 hours or 20 years based on 12 hours per day, with onboard photocells that are rated for a 15-year life. The entire unit, including the photocells, is covered by a five-year limited warranty.

In contrast, the vast majority of conventional luminaires and other LED roadway luminaires on the market utilize a NEMA twist-lock photocell, which may fail or require maintenance. The photocell is often considered an optional component that is not included in the warranty, nor is it normally included in payback calculations, despite it being essential to the luminaire’s operation. By designing the luminaire with on-board lighting controls, Toshiba’s TGT product eliminates the need for the NEMA twist-lock receptacle. On-board lighting controls also enable automatic dimming as a standard feature on Toshiba’s product. Embedded sensors provide dawn to dusk dimming for additional energy savings.

To further enhance the product’s durability and reliability, Toshiba TGT LED Luminaire has a separated power supply and finned LED heat sink for maximum thermal management. Available in 24 to 72 LEDs and 4100K or 6000K color temperatures, the Toshiba TGT LED Luminaire includes advanced optics and delivers uniform light distribution, which enable lower lumen output while maintaining the Illuminating Engineering Society’s (IES) recommended light levels.

In addition to the roadway luminaire, Toshiba International Corporation introduced an enhanced LED luminaire for industrial applications, such as high-bay, low-bay, canopy or garage applications. The Toshiba TSL LED Luminaire is available with a broad range of outputs, which provides the ability to specify the perfect light for an application. The LEDs have a rated life of 100,000 hours, and the product is covered by a five-year limited warranty. The precision-molded, high-impact, optical-grade PMMA lens provides uniform standard and wide distribution. Available in multiple mounting options, including bracket mount, chain/cable, hook and pendant, the Toshiba TSL LED Luminaire is designed to provide flexibility in a variety of applications.

“Our focus is on maximizing the benefits of LED technology to meet the market’s demands for more energy-efficient and low-maintenance products,” said Peter DallePezze, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development, Toshiba International Corporation LED Lighting Systems Division. “These luminaires are fine examples of how we are working to design products to make the most our extensive LED expertise.”

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