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Tridonic Presents "Out of the Box" Solution for Emergency Lighting

Tridonic has developed an all-in-one, ‘out of the box’ solution for emergency lighting. The EM ready2apply recessed downlight now being launched on the market includes all components for emergency lighting in one single box: light source, driver, battery, optic. The well-thought-out installation concept allows for quick and easy installation.

EM ready2apply at a glance:
•    Maintained and non-maintained versions
•    3 interchangeable lenses with push-click-connection (anti-panic, escape route and spot)
•    Impressive spacings thanks to lens technology
•    Battery with an 8-year design life and 3-year guarantee
•    5-year guarantee on electronic components

Chris Slattery, Global Product Manager for Emergency Lighting at Tridonic, explains: “Our aim was to design a compact and easy-to-install product that can be inserted into the ceiling void through a minimal cut-out. It had to exceed all lifetime and safety requirements and offer interchangeable lenses.” The result is the EM ready2apply engine, a stand-alone emergency luminaire that was subjected to rigorous testing procedures and complies with the most stringent safety and reliability criteria.

A major challenge was to find a battery that would be small enough but also pack enough power for all possible applications. The current NiCd and NiMH technology did not allow for delivery of the necessary performance in the size required. After extensive research and testing, Tridonic settled on a lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery that keeps the maintenance costs low thanks to its service life of eight years. The low standby loss ensures minimum energy consumption. Thanks to the specifically developed push-click-connection, the battery can be inserted quickly.

The entire engine is also easy to install. The installation concept even uses the packaging as convenient installation aid. A mounting depth of a few centimetres is enough to accommodate the space-saving housing with integrated driver.

The new emergency lighting downlight provides a suitable optic for every area of application. In total, three interchangeable optics for anti-panic, escape-route and spot lighting are available. They can easily be exchanged at a click.

The three models BASIC, SELFTEST and PRO can be combined with one, two or three hours of operation (two hours in case of PRO). Moreover, the engine is optionally suited for maintained or non-maintained operation.

Additional information is available on Tridonic's EM ready2apply website.

About Tridonic:

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