Products, Materials & Tools | Mar 20, 2008

TRIO Light Introduces New LED Fixture Series

One of the novelties TRIO Light will be introducing at the Light+Building is a complete product series based on the new Bandit®LED-Module.

Product series based on the advanced Tri-O-Light Bandit®LED-module:
Advanced, compact and multi-functional: the Bandit®LED-Module has it all. This module has especially been designed in order to build different fixtures very easily. The Bandit®LED-Module gives the designer total freedom in the use of colour, lens and fixture.

Possibility of different lenses:
The Bandit®LED-module is fitted with a patented lens changing device, enabling you to change the diffusion of light to your personal preferences. The LED-Module is available with two reflector lenses and four different Fraen lenses, namely narrow beam (9 degrees), medium beam (22 degrees), wide beam (38 degrees) and elliptical beam (10x20 degrees). These lenses have been designed especially for Luxeon K2 leds and deliver a perfect radiation.

Luxeon K2 High Power LEDs:
The Bandit®LED-Module uses Luxeon K2-leds, the best performing and strongest leds on the market. The performance of the Luxeon K2 leds is better than ever and they yield light more effectively. Luxeon is a trademark of Lumileds Lighting, LLC. For the technical specifications of the leds, we refer you to the Luxeon datasheet or visit: or Or ask our sales department for the actual light output.

•  changeable lens
•  Luxeon K2 LED
•  Thermal protection
•  Excellent warmth control
•  LED-Module dimmable
•  Size: L40xW40xH27.5mm
•  An average yield of light of 180 Lumen
•  Power 3 - 5 W
•  Different colours possible: amber, red, green, blue, white, natural white and warm white.
•  Fast delivery times

Thanks to its square, compact shape, the Bandit®LED-Module fits very easily in different fixtures. Tri-O-Lights offers a pioneering series of fixtures consisting of groundlights, wall lights, downlights, shuttle lights, wall washers and beamers. Its high reliability and light yield make the Bandit®LED-Module especially suitable for a demanding environment. These fixtures make it possible for the Bandit®LED-Module to be used for the lighting of buildings, but also as lighting in public places. The dimfunction in the module also enables you to create specific work lighting during the day and pleasant atmosphere lighting at night.
Additional product information can be found at or in the Bandit®LED-Concept Documentation.
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