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UGetLight to Introduce New Liquid Cooled Led Bulbs at Light+Building 2014 in Germany

Beijing UgetLight Co.,Ltd (Ugetlight) is taking advantage of led replacement trends under worldwide incandescent lamps bans by introducing its new generation of led-“UGL” liquid-colored led bulbs at Light +Building 2014 (Booth #10.1-G61) which will be held during March 30 to April 4 in Frankfurt, Germany. Adopted liquid cooling patent technology, liquid cold LED light is now considered as the best replacement of traditional incandescent lamps.

Features of UGL liquid-cooled LED bulbs:
•    Liquid cooling technology gives longer working life: Liquid cooling technology prevents thermal deterioration of the LED and achieves a high brightness and longer life span of 50000hrs while other lamps can only enables1000hrs, 5000hrs and 20000hrs.
•    360 degree spherical light, even light distribution: The design of UGL liquid-cooled LED bulb asserts a spherical light like traditional incandescent light, adds at least 30% more luminous flux than traditional LED bulbs.
•    High strength PC material: The hull of the liquid-cooled LED bulb uses high strength PC material that can work in places with high humidity and frequent vibrations such as on a moving train or vessel. The bulb will not be destroyed even if it is hit or shocked.
•    Non- Stroboscopic Light: UGL liquid-cooled LED bulbs give non-Stroboscopic light that bring a healthy lighting environment.
•    Color rendering index over 80: The average color rendering index of UGL liquid-cooled LED bulbs reaches over 80 restoring the original color of the object .The new led bulb has been an advantage in hotels, shops and other places paying high attention to light quality.
•    Safe liquid inside: The liquid inside the bulbs is safe with no poison or smell, complies with European environmental certification standards. It has a very good flame-retardant explosion-proof effect, improving performance of the whole lamp.  
•    High lumens and wide temp range: UGL liquid-cooled LED bulbs offer steady fixture efficiencies which are always above 80 lumens per watt (LPW) for warm colors and 100 LPW for white colors. The CCTs of UgetLight liquid-cooled LED bulbs range from 2700K to 6500K.

“UGL liquid-cooled LED bulbs have made artificial lights back to tradition and prevail over tradition” said Allan Han, UgetLight Operation Manager. UGL liquid-cooled LED bulbs are designed with the same look as incandescent bulbs and use liquid cooling patent technology to give a true 360-degree light resembling regular incandescent lights and prevent thermal deterioration of the led. “UGL liquid-cooled LED bulb is the simplest and perfect replacement of traditional lamps” Allan said.

The company plans to introduce two main liquid cooled led bulb products for its debut in Lighting +Building 2014 - UGL -S14 and UGL -A19 series with 3 Models: UGL-S14-6E27-3000K/4500K/6500K(6W), UGL-S14-8E27-3000K/4500K/6500K(8W) and UGL-A19-12E27-3000K/4500K/6500K(12W) which are respectively equivalent to 60W , 75W and 100W incandescent bulbs. Each Bulb is rated for 50,000 hours of life has a CRI above 80, gives 360 degree lighting under working temperature at 40-55°C. The manager is very confidence with the company debut in Lighting+ Building 2014. “UGL liquid cooled led bulb is developed under much lower costs than our competitors, it undoubtedly helps us to win more business opportunities! “Allan said.

It has been told that UgetLight has made a full schedule of oversea exhibitions to promote its liquid cooled products all over the world. The lighting + Building exhibition is the company’s first global presence in 2014. Furthermore, in June, the company will again attend the 19th International lighting exhibition in its domestic market – Guangzhou, China during June 9-12.

About UGL liquid-cooled LED bulbs:
UGL liquid cooled led bulbs is the innovative invention by Beijing UgetLight Co.,Ltd , a professional led lighting company from China. On June 6th, 2012, Ugetlight attended the 16th Guangzhou International lighting exhibition in Beijing and the first time to demonstrate the company’s liquid cooled led bulbs in front of international visitors. As innovative and novel inventions, Ugetlight lights successfully drew all the intentions of coming visitors. Later on the May of 2013, the company declared that it has won its liquid cooled technology patent. Since now, UGL liquid cooled led bulbs have already put into mass productions for nation –wide railway lamp constructions and have established business relationships with several well-known overseas lighting distributors.

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About Beijing UGetLight Co. Ltd:
Beijing UGetLight Co. Ltd. is an innovative and high-tech company of LED lighting industry for Liquid cooling LED light bulbs R&D, manufacturing and selling.
UGetLight is the first company which has developed all liquid-cooled LED light bulbs around the world, with the unique liquid cooling patent technology. The liquid-cooled LED bulb has longer life, higher efficiency and more extensive usage than air-cooled or metal sink LED bulb. UGetLight is located inBeijing and factory located in Langfang high development zone.
UGetLight provides S14 Mini series, A19 Aqua series and E40 High Power series LED light bulbs with the brand UGL®. UGetLight Liquid cooling LED  bulbs can be widely used in various conditions: from indoor replacement incandescent lamp and CFL, to outdoor installation even in severe environment, underwater, mine, chemical plant, dangerous cargo warehouse, refrigeration house, vibrate working conditions.  
UGetLight’s products had passed CE, FCC and RoHS standards. UGetLight had established partnership with global clients from Russia, Australian, Italy, Germany and France, Japan, Korea, Dubai and so on. Now UGetLight is sincerely to invite the wholesaler and distributor to join us!  

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