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Products, Materials + Tools | Jul 31, 2012

USAI Lighting Breaks Through Traditional Source Barriers with NanoLED NXT

Bridging the architectural gap between traditional light sources and LEDs for the first time in history is leading lighting manufacturer USAI® Lighting with the unveiling of NanoLED® NXT, a groundbreaking solution capable of providing industry-leading performance and color-consistent quality from a smaller package than ever before. NanoLED NXT opens a new era of lighting design by delivering an industry-first LED 10-degree optic within a 2.5-inch aperture for unparalleled technology that doesn’t just replace traditional sources, but exceeds them in color, optical control and performance.

“In a continued effort to defy current technological limitations, USAI Lighting has delivered a lighting solution that has been in high demand by specifiers with NanoLED NXT. Offering end-users the best in color, optical control and performance, NanoLED NXT features 1000 delivered lumens, 10-degree optics and 90+ high-CRI options all from a single light source in the smallest possible package,” said Bonnie Littman, president of USAI Lighting. “Providing a significant opportunity to advance the lighted environment in ways never-before-possible with traditional light sources, this solution is truly an architectural lighting phenomenon that changes the way we think about – and design with – LEDs.”

Taking Design to the “NXT” Level:
Challenging convention to change the current course of lighting design, NanoLED NXT enhances any space with cutting-edge features to deliver architectural radiance once only synonymous with traditional sources, including:
• Ultimate performance capabilities, offering more than 1000 delivered lumens, 50 lumens per watt and a 10-degree optic with a center beam candlepower (CBCP) of more than 9000;
• Optimal beam control through use of discrete LED technology, providing designers beam spreads from 10 to 50 degrees in the smallest possible package without compromising delivered lumens, efficiency, color, aperture size or illumination;
• Advanced optical design to simulate traditional light sources and achieve beautiful aesthetics – all while using more than 50 percent less energy;
• Ideal color quality, incorporating an exceptional 2-step MacAdam Ellipse and achieving +/- 50 K to ensure fixture-to-fixture color consistency. NanoLED NXT also provides multiple CRI (Color Rendering Index) options, including 90+ high-CRI, to highlight objects from artwork to retail;
• Superior thermal management, achieved through a lightweight, high-performance proprietary aluminum heatsink designed to dissipate twice as much heat than traditional die cast aluminum, maximizing the lifespan of LEDs (a minimum of 50,000 hours) significantly more than the lifespan of traditional sources;
• Field-replaceable light engines in high-power, 14-watt and 20-watt Cree MTG 2-step LEDs that are tightly binned for fixture-to-fixture color consistency.

Additionally, through USAI Lighting’s hallmark plug-and-play trim assemblies, NanoLED NXT’s high-performance fixtures allow for the easy transition between downlight, adjustable and wall wash functions through its universal housing designed to evolve with its space. The solution’s three interchangeable reflectors, ranging from 10 to 50 degrees, also afford users the flexibility to adjust the lighting based on task or application, while its propriety custom optical system provides the pleasing appearance of an incandescent light source. Further extending the solution’s versatility, the NanoLED NXT product line is available in round, square, trimmed and barely there trimless options to meet every design need.

With the ability to replace an inefficient incandescent point source, NanoLED NXT brings sophistication to sustainability. Proving “less is more,” USAI Lighting’s NanoLED NXT products meet the industry’s most stringent standards for energy efficiency, providing new options for designers to meet LEED® certification criteria, Title 24 requirements and energy codes requiring ASHRAE 90.1-2001 standards or later when traditional light sources exceed energy allowances.  

About USAI® Lighting:
A lighting industry leader, USAI® Lighting is helping to shine an entirely new light on the way commercial and residential properties address lighting design solutions. Driven by its IllumiVation® philosophy, USAI Lighting’s versatile yet robust selection of products fuses together brains and beauty, providing fresh and energy-saving solutions for general illumination and accent lighting. From compact fluorescents and metal halides to its new generation of LED solid state lighting technology, all USAI Lighting products maintain the smallest physical and carbon footprint possible while meeting the strictest standards for innovation and design to ensure seamless specification, simple installation and easy ongoing maintenance. USAI Lighting is also a proud member of EMerge Alliance to advance the mission of adopting safe DC power distribution in commercial buildings. For additional information about USAI Lighting and its high-performance offerings, visit


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