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Products, Materials + Tools | Mar 28, 2013

Valtavalo Launches Updated G3 LED Tubes with a Verifyed Efficiency of 119 lm/W

A leading pioneer in its field, the Finnish LED tube manufacturer Valtavalo is launching, with improved luminous efficacy, a new version of its highly popular G3 LED tube. With a clear cover, the new G3 LED tube is designed for high-ceiling environments and according to SSL Resource, a company specialising in LED lighting and photometric testing, achieves a luminous efficacy of 119.2 lm/W.

“In high-ceiling environments, the luminance of individual bright LED components is not a major problem, as the light is generally viewed from a distance,” says Tuukka Prykäri, CTO at Valtavalo Ltd.

“The luminous intensity distribution of the new product is better suited for high-ceiling environments, as the light is directed more vertically downwards,” Prykäri continues.

The price of this latest product is the same as Valtavalo’s “traditional” G3 LED tube with a semi-opal cover, meaning that the customer can now decide which light is better according to the actual conditions. The DIALux data files required in lighting design are available for use with the most common industrial luminaires sold by Valtavalo.

The G3 LED tubes are produced on a fully automated production line at Valtavalo’s factory in Finland.

There are no human work stages in the automated assembly process and so the possibility of human error in production has been eliminated. In order to ensure that every G3 LED tube is of the highest quality, the unit-specific testing process after assembly consists of versatile electrical and lighting-related technical inspections.

For more detailed information, please visit Valtavalo's English website at or download the product brochure

About Valtavalo:
Valtavalo Ltd was founded in 2008 to develop, manufacture and supply energy-efficient lighting solutions in Finland and globally. A central theme for Valtavalo is to concentrate on large volumes and clients. This enables competitive prices for new and advanced technologies, which have often in the past been regarded as being too expensive.
All Valtavalo products go through a multistage test process through R&D and manufacturing, which ensures that the Valtavalo guarantee to save also always holds. Simultaneously we make sure that our products are manufactured according to all current regulations and that they are safe to use.
The clientele of Valtavalo include mostly larger organisations within the private and public sectors.


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