Products, Materials & Tools | Jan 07, 2015

Verbatim’s Dichroic LED Lamps Deliver High-Quality Light Beams

Verbatim has unveiled dichroic-effect LED lamps as cost-effective replacements for dichroic halogen lamps. Using technology developed by parent company Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Verbatim has provided an energy-efficient alternative to the MR16 and PAR16 halogen lamps popularly used for track lighting, pendant fixtures and retail display lighting to produce a unique, surround lighting and glitter effect.

Some LED manufacturers have found it very difficult to replicate dichroic lighting largely due to the necessity of a sizable heatsink. Verbatim’s new high quality dichroic MR16 and PAR16 lamps deliver a high quality beam without any noticeable heatsink in sight and as a result it fits neatly into standard fixtures while providing all the energy saving benefits of LED lighting.

Verbatim’s 3.7 W dichroic MR16 LED lamp with GU5.3 base delivers excellent optical control with minimal spill and a crisp 35 degree beam angle focusing light where it’s needed. A 4 W dichroic PAR16 lamp with GU10 base is also available offering the same narrow, directional beam angle. Besides delivering a higher power output and light intensity, its 3000 K warm white colour temperature, 480 cd luminous intensity and luminous flux of 250 lm at 90 degree angle are all of equal measure to the MR16 lamp. Competing LED products in the market tend not to deliver as much of a glitter effect from the dichroic mirror they employ.  

“Making dichroic-effect LED MR16s without a noticeable heatsink and delivering high performance, reliability and quality at the same time isn’t easy. With supporting technologies from Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Verbatim has delivered yet another outstanding product that our customers tell us more than matches their needs. Verbatim has introduced many high quality, innovative products LED products in recent months and we are looking forward to unveiling many more high-performance spotlights in 2015,” comments Jeanine Chrobak, Business Commercial Manager LED EUMEA, Verbatim.

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About Verbatim:

Verbatim is a leading global company in data storage and LED lighting with a broad product portfolio spanning consumer and professional applications. Verbatim has been shaping the development of data storage devices since 1969 and is the world’s No 1 supplier of optical media (Blu-ray, DVD and CD). The company also markets flash memory, external hard drive storage solutions and a wide range of computer accessories.  
In addition, the company is an innovator in fast-growing LED and OLED lighting, developing products that offer low power consumption, long life and a better lighting experience. It is also an emerging supplier of water filtration systems; its Cleansui brand is Japan’s favourite water filter, and most recently it has launched a range of plastic filaments for the 3D printing industry.
Verbatim is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Kagaku Media owned by Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, one of the world’s largest chemical companies, which invests heavily in R&D across many diverse sectors. The company’s operating principles are founded on helping people to live in a healthy, comfortable and sustainable way. Verbatim’s regional organisations are EMEA, APAC and Americas, with offices in most countries in the world. The company’s European headquarters are based in the UK.


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