Products, Materials & Tools | Sep 10, 2012

feno Announces the Availability of its Flicker-Free 4-Channel RGBW DMX Driver

feno's new RGBW 4-channel DMX LED driver is not only ideal for TV and movie productions feno is proud to inform about the latest product innovation: the fd dmx 4-24 700 ca. The most outstanding feature is the possibility to dim using current: In distinction from constant current and constant voltage dimmers, the fd dmx 4-24 700 ca dims by changing the direct current, not by pulse width modulation (PWM). Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Sep 10, 2012

MuRata Announces Commencement of Mass Production of General-Purpose 25W LED Lighting Power Supplies

muRata's general purpose standard LED power supplies are lightweight and worldwide compatible Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will launch mass production of power supply modules for LED lighting. The power supply modules are for the most commonly used 25W class and have achieved a compact size and light weight. They are compatible with a range of current values. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Sep 10, 2012

TotalTemp Technologies Announces the Next Generation of Thermal Platforms for Testing

The TotalTemp SD144-N Thermal Platform System imakes use of the Synergy Nano Temperature Controller (left) TotalTemp Technologies' Next Generation Thermal Platforms are specifically designed to deliver fast, efficient and precisely controlled temperature conditioning to your device under test. Utilizing COTS technology to provide the successful integration of an embedded copper tube cooling channel with a high density arrangement of long life durable AC cartridge heaters. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Sep 06, 2012

LED Engin Introduces Next-Gen MultiColor Multi-Chip Emitters

The new generation of LED emitters will be introduced on Stand 2-S11 at PLASA 2012 LED Engin, Inc., a leader in high lumen density LED products, will soon be demonstrating emitters and LED modules that enable the size of entertainment lighting products to be significantly reduced. The company's LuxiGen platform of white and multi-colour compact emitters generate the high luminous flux density demanded in entertainment lighting, particularly for spot beams, distance lighting effects and in dynamic lighting scenarios. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Sep 06, 2012

Measuring Device in Pocket Format Detects Precise LED-Brightness and Color Values in milliseconds

A mall, handy and powerful tool, that is how the new GL SPECTIS 1.1 can be described The GL SPECTIS 1.1 is the youngest member of the family of handy mini-spectrometers from GL Optic, which allow for a reliable spectral light measurement. Together with the handy integrating sphere GL OPTI SPHERE 48, available as an accessory, brightness values can be determined with a current duration of 25 ms and very high precision. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Sep 05, 2012

ON Semiconductor Releases NCL30002 Power Factor Corrected Buck LED Driver

Simplified PFC buck driver application using the NCL30002 The NCL30002 is a switch mode power supply controller intended for low to medium power single stage power factor (PF) corrected LED Drivers. The device operates as a critical conduction mode(CrM) buck controller to regulate LED current at a high power factor for a specific line voltage range. The current limit threshold is tightly trimmed allowing open loop control techniques to reduce parts count while maintaining accurate current regulation and high power factor. CrM operation is particularly suited for LED applications as very high efficiency can be achieved even at low power levels. These are important in LED lighting to comply with regulatory requirements and meet overall system luminous efficacy requirements. In CrM, the switching frequency will vary with line and load. Switching losses are low as recovery losses in the output rectifier are negligible since the current goes to zero prior to reactivating the main MOSFET switch. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Sep 05, 2012

NMB's Programmable LED Drivers Offer High Design Flexibility

The designer can preset the LED driver's output current required for his application NMB's 10~20W programmable LED drivers add flexibility to any design by offering the opportunity to select the driver's output current, based on the requirement of the application. The LED driver can be programmed as many times as necessary to achieve a brilliant result. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Sep 05, 2012

TDK-Lambda Introduces the ZWS-BP 150-240W Single Output Power Supplies for Application with High Start-Up Current and LEDs

TDK-Lambda's new power supplies feature 200% peak power capability to drive high current start up devices TDK Corporation announces the new TDK-Lambda ZWS-BP series of single output, PCB-type AC-DC power supplies. Based on the popular ZWS series, the ZWS-BP is 30% smaller than its predecessor, thus simplifying equipment design and is offered in two mid-power output models – ZWS150BP (150W) and ZWS240BP (240W). With a 200% peak power capability, the ZWS-BP is ideal for use in electromechanical equipment, such as motors, disk drives, pumps, fans and actuators, which require a high initial start-up current. The ZWS-BP is equally well-suited for use in a wide range of light industrial equipment and front-end equipment for broadcast and communications applications, and for applications in indoor and outdoor LED lighting and signage and test & measurement. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Sep 03, 2012

Philips’ New High-Voltage LED Line Delivers a 27% Increase in Lumens per Watt in a Smaller, Unique Package

The new Luxeon H50-2 exceeds the efficiency of the predecessor (image) by 27% Designed for small-socket applications, new LUXEON H50-2 from Philips Lumileds enables new form factors and drives down lighting costs Philips Lumileds introduces the new LUXEON H50-2 LED, one of the industry’s highest performing, high-voltage LEDs. With a typical efficacy of more than 80 lumens per watt, the LUXEON H50-2 improves on the efficacy of the existing LUXEON H 50V LED by 27%. Moreover, it offers I 0% more lumens per watt and 30% percent higher luminous flux than leading competitive products, as well as lumen maintenance that exceeds rigorous ENERGY STAR® requirements. Designed for space-constrained, retrofit bulbs such as the popular A19, the LUXEON H50-2 has a small size and high- voltage architecture that enables more form factors and lowers costs through the use of cost-efficient drivers. Read more »

Products, Materials & Tools | Aug 30, 2012

iWatt's Third-Generation SSL LED Drivers Featuring Flickerless™ Technology and Patented Digital Dimming Control

Simplifyed schematic for a LED lighting solution with the iWatt iW3617IC iWatt Inc., a leading provider of digital-centric power management integrated circuits (ICs), today announced its latest digital AC/DC SSL (solid state lighting) LED driver platform with the iW3616 and iW3617. This new platform expands iWatt’s existing line of Flickerless LED drivers, increasing output power to 25W or higher, lowering the bill of materials (BOM) cost by 10% to 20%, and offering compatibility with an even wider range of installed dimmers, including residential TRIAC dimmers as well as the more sophisticated digital dimmers. Read more »


EuControls Introduces Its Zigbee Compatible Ceiling Mount Multi-Sensor 810-PLT-DZB

EuControls Introduces Its Zigbee Compatible Ceiling Mount Multi-Sensor 810-PLT-DZB EuControls is excited to announce the addition of a compact ceiling mount multi-sensor/controller to its growing wireless lighting controls product portfolio. The S810-PLT-DZB is a unique Zigbee compatible energy management device aimed at new and retrofit indoor lighting projects that require ... Read more »


Selecting the UV LED Wavelength for Purification Applications

Selecting the UV LED Wavelength for Purification Applications Patrick Durand is the Worldwide Technical Director at Future Lighting Solutions (FLS) with over 15 years of experience in the solid state lighting industry. Patrick leads the FLS Technical Marketing teams and FLS laboratory teams located in multiple regions around the world with the objective of ... Read more »


Nichia Showcases LEDs with 'Light so Good'

Nichia Showcases LEDs with 'Light so Good' At Light + Building 2020 held in Frankfurt, Nichia – the leader in high-performance LED solutions – reveals it will present at least three complementary technologies to improve the delivery of light quality under an over-arching banner of 'Light so Good'. Read more »