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Repro-Light Consortium Announce Intelligent Workspace Lighting Concept

The pioneering design team at Bartenbach unveils a brand-new intelligent lighting concept set to revolutionize workspace personalization. It is set to deliver a truly user-centric, workspace lighting blueprint for lighting designers to transform workspaces for healthier living. The story began with Bartenbach's involvement in the Repro-light project consortium, funded through the European Commission's Horizon 2020 work program. The scope of the project, "To successfully initiate transformation in the European LED lighting industry, by creating the 'Luminaire of the Future'." Part of this remit was to develop a new customizable lighting system.

Bartenbach approached this project with extensive user surveys to fully understand the requirement for better lighting. The research results established the requirement for an easy to use, customizable lighting system.  Following a meticulous development process and numerous prototypes, the final result called the Personal Table Light (PTL) is impressive.

The PTL achieves exceptional lighting for vision and health at the workplace, and is fully personalizable. Visual performance is perfectly supported as both vertical and horizontal workspace surfaces are lit separately, and illuminance levels are controlled along with light colour temperatures, and light distributions. Furthermore, the PTL effectively delivers up to 1500 lux at eye level, meaning missing daylight is supplemented and is able to exert non-visual effects on mood, alertness, performance and night time sleep. The PTL also allows full customization of scenes by the user via a desktop application.

Equipped with single-point LED controls and a highly innovative sensor technology that recognizes the actual activity of the user, lighting scenes adjust discreetly and automatically according to changing visual activities.

Additionally, environmental quality is assessed continuously by ambient temperature, humidity, air pressure, volatile organic compounds, and sound level sensors. Therefore, the luminaire uses highly standardized IT-protocols, which enable an easy integration of nearly all sensors available on the market.

Finally, using cloud connectivity, user activities can optionally be recorded which allows an on-going optimization of the lighting system tailored to individual needs.

The application possibilities of the PTL are numerous and range from student areas, offices, to medical and manufacturing workspaces.

The future of human centric lighting has arrived. With patent pending, the PTL has the potential to transform workspace lighting. To measure effects of this innovative lighting system on human beings, impact research is currently being conducted in two laboratory studies and a multi-centered field study.

For additional information on PTL, please see, visit the Repro-Light Website or contact Bartenbach at 

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 768780.

About Bartenbach:

Bartenbach is an award winning lighting design and research consultancy nestled in the mountains above Innsbruck. A team of architects, physicists, psychologists and designers forging individual lighting solutions. This interdisciplinary team is proud to be part of the international scientific community network, always at the cutting edge of research. -

About Repro-Light Consortium:

The Repro-light consortium consists of leading European experts including; TRILUX, a driving force of the European lighting industry, components manufacturers including BJB, Grado Zero Espace, and Rohner Engineering, innovative members of the lighting industry, Bartenbach and Luger Research, as well as experts in lighting sustainability and Life Cycle Assessment IREC and Mondragon University who are prominent in Social Sciences. -