IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Apr 29, 2017

Cermet announces license agreement with georgia Institute of Technology for white LED technology

Atlanta, Georgia USA--Cermet, Inc has negotiated an exclusive license agreement for white LED technology developed with the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The technology utilizes nitride emitter structures in combination with zinc oxide semiconductors to produce white light emitting diodes.

Atlanta, Georgia-based Cermet, Inc. develops and manufactures semiconductor materials and devices based on gallium nitride (GaN), zinc oxide (ZnO), and related compounds. The company's products include substrates and devices for use in blue, green and white light emitting diodes, blue laser diodes for next generation optical storage applications, high frequency RF devices for wireless communications systems, and next generation optical telecommunication systems. For more information on Cermet, please visit our homepage, www.cermetinc.com.