IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Apr 29, 2017

Color Kinetics and ARRI announce OEM agreement: ARRI adopts Color Kinetics' technology to enter intelligent LED lighting market

Boston, MA, USA and Munich, Germany, Color Kinetics Incorporated (NASDAQ: CLRK) and ARRI Inc. today announced an agreement through which ARRI, one of the world's largest manufacturers of motion picture equipment, will use Color Kinetics' technology and intellectual property to develop a line of LED-based studio lighting products.

Slated for availability this year, the products will be ARRI's first to incorporate LED sources - delivering the benefits of efficiency, durability and digital control for film lighting applications.

"Given their visual impact and color capabilities, LEDs are perfectly suited for many uses in film and broadcast, and we're excited to pursue new product ideas that these sources inspire. Color Kinetics' technology, knowledge and experience combine for a powerful advantage, and we look forward to adding this new category of advanced lighting products for our customers," said Franz Kraus, Managing Director, ARRI.

LED lighting technology is increasingly penetrating the broadcast and entertainment markets as a practical alternative to traditional lighting methods. Unlike conventional sources, LED lighting systems require no gels, filters, or mechanical scrollers to generate color and dynamic effects. In the use of white light, they uniquely allow color temperature control to properly illuminate sets and on-air talent without the need to re-lamp. The fixtures' compact size and absence of radiated heat allow versatility in positioning them on set, including the direct integration into set elements where the use of conventional lights is impractical.

"This agreement marks the latest important relationship for Color Kinetics in the entertainment sector, where LED-based product development continues to flourish," said Bill Sims, President and CEO, Color Kinetics. "We're very pleased to assist a market leader like ARRI, who recognizes the distinct benefit of building products around our proven, time-tested technology. We believe this collaboration will yield exciting results."

About Color Kinetics
Color Kinetics Incorporated (NASDAQ: CLRK) transforms environments through new, dynamic uses of light. Its award-winning lighting systems and technologies apply the benefits of LEDs as a highly efficient, long lasting, environmentally friendly, and inherently digital source of illumination - reinventing light itself as a highly controllable medium. Color Kinetics also enables widespread adoption of LED lighting through OEM and licensing partnerships in diverse markets. The company is headquartered in Boston, MA with offices in the UK, China, and Japan. More information is available at www.colorkinetics.com.

About ARRI
Technology Leader and Service Provider for the Motion Picture Industry since 1917, ARRI is an international synonym for the world's best-selling cameras, top quality lighting, high-end digital products for the DI process and the new digital film-style camera ARRIFLEX D-20. The company was awarded 12 scientific and engineering awards from the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences.