IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Apr 29, 2017

Cyberlux Corporation awarded U.S. patent claims for emergency lighting technology

RESEARCH TRIANGLE, N.C., Cyberlux Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: CYBL), a developer and manufacturer of solid-state diodaltm lighting solutions, announced today that the U.S. Patent Office has recently awarded protection for the Company’s “Apparatus and Methods for Providing Emergency Safety Lighting.”

“Cyberlux Corporation is a leader in the field of solid-state LED lighting,” observed Donald F. Evans, chief executive officer of Cyberlux. “The Company’s ability to patent innovative lighting technology for recurring problems such as power outages demonstrates the opportunity for major advances in the lighting industry where fail-safe, long-term solutions for interim and emergency lighting are in high demand," continued Evans. “The 21 claims awarded by the U.S. Patent Office for our Emergency Safety Lighting will accelerate our further pursuit of providing long-term solutions for interim and emergency lighting in hotels, hospitals, elder care facilities, apartment complexes and residences,” concluded Evans.

The claims awarded by the U.S. Patent Office address a solid-state lighting device capable of transforming existing electrical wall outlets into an emergency lighting system for homes, hospitals, hotels, nursing homes and businesses. The lighting device, designed as a replacement electrical wall outlet, simply plugs into an existing outlet after removal of its cover plate. Although the lighting device continues to operate as an electrical outlet, it also contains a constant charge battery; a motion sensor for initiating low levels of lighting for gentle illumination of a darkened room or navigation of a corridor; a power sensor for broadcasting a high level of light up the attendant wall surface to reflect off of the ceiling thereby illuminating a room or corridor; and a photo cell that detects ambient light in the space which disables the system. The lighting device is intended to provide long-term solutions for emergency and interim lighting. The patent addresses an electrochemical lighting system capable of providing prolonged illumination with the use of light emitting diodes (LEDs) as the illumination source.

The 21 claims awarded under the “Apparatus and Methods for Providing Emergency Safety Lighting” patent when combined with the 22 claims of a prior patent award, “Apparatus and Methods for Providing an Emergency Lighting Augmentation System”, create an extensible intellectual property foundation for emergency lighting devices and emergency lighting systems.

About Cyberlux Corporation
Cyberlux Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: CYBL) has created breakthrough LED lighting technology that provides the most energy efficient and cost effective lighting solutions available today for consumer, commercial and military uses. The Aeon products bring the newly developed, virtually heatless light into the home for use in closets, cabinet interiors and under cabinet lighting for kitchen counters. The Military and Homeland Security products deliver unique, covert, and advanced visible lighting capability for threat detection, force and asset protection. Cyberlux uses solid-state semiconductors, trademarked as its diodaltm lighting elements, which consume 75% less energy than incandescent lighting elements and perform for over 20 years in contrast to 750 hours for conventional bulbs. For more information, please visit www.cyberlux.com .