News-Spot | IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Dec 02, 2011

Rejection of Osram’s Infringement Case vs. Dominant Issued by OLG Karlsruhe

The OLG Karlsruhe and the Landgericht Mannheim has confirmed that 10 of the claims against DOMINANT are not valid. As a result of the proceedings, the Federal Patent Court of Germany have also nullified 4 out of 7 Osram intellectual property rights and the European Patent Office has revoked one. Osram has been ordered to pay court fees.

Following the ruling, Higher Regional Court Karlsruhe only considered two Osram patents have been infringed. Dominant has filed oppositions against the validity of these patents and is pending. We remain confident in nullifying the patents.

Additionally, the verdict in so far as an infringement only relates to product lines that have already been terminated since 2004/2005 due to on-going improvements.
In terms of the reasons for the judgement, Dominant assumes further that the present product series do not transgress the judgement.

Dominant will continue to innovate and provide customers with state-of –art solutions. We have and will always respect the Intelectual Property Rights of others.


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