IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Apr 29, 2017

Toyoda Gosei has a license from Dr. Neumark for the '499 patent

Concerning the matter of the complaint filed with the United States International Trade Commission (the “ITC”) by Dr. Gertrude Neumark Rothschild (“Dr. Neumark”) of New York State, U.S.A., on February 20, 2008, seeking a block on imports, etc., of short-wavelength LEDs, etc., based on U.S. patent No. 5252499 (“the ’499 patent”) held by Dr. Neumark, please be informed as follows.

Toyoda Gosei received a license from Dr. Neumark for the ’499 patent. Accordingly, products that use LED chips made by Toyoda Gosei do not infringe the ’499 patent. Customers that use LED chips made by Toyoda Gosei will not be subject to exercise of rights by Dr. Neumark in relation to products that use such LED chips

About Toyoda Gosei:
Founded in 1949, Toyoda Gosei is a customer-driven, global company that researches, develops and manufactures products of exceptional quality for a variety of fields within the automotive industry. Toyoda Gosei initiated its LED research and development in 1986 and in 1991 successfully developed the world’s first blue LEDs based on gallium nitride. The company’s optoelectronic business has continued to develop and grow and Toyoda Gosei is a leading innovator and patent holder in the solid-state lighting industry. Today the company manufactures thousands of millions of blue, green, purple and white LEDs with world-leading luminous intensity. To meet the growing need for environmentally friendly light sources, the company continues to develop LEDs to meet the performance and functional requirements for applications that include cellular phones, full color displays, traffic signals, automobiles and general lighting. Toyoda Gosei is headquartered in Aichi, Japan, with 45 facilities in 16 countries. Please visit www.toyoda-gosei.com for more information.