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IP, Reports & Roadmaps | May 18, 2011

Xicato Announces the Issuance of New Patents

Xicato, a leading provider of solid-state modules for high-quality lighting applications, announced today that the U.S. Patent Office has approved the issuance of two new patents.

Patent 7942556 addresses some of the fundamental aspects of Corrected Cold Phosphor TechnologyTM used in Xicato’s LED module products. A key differentiating aspect of this technology is the separation of different phosphors within a light mixing chamber with one type used on a side wall and another type on a top element. The separation of phosphors from the LEDs allows the phosphors within the module to maintain a lower operating temperature, thus enhancing reliability over the life of the product. In addition, by varying the side and top wavelength converting elements alongside different combinations of LED emitters, modules can be made to exact color point and color rendering indices. As a result, Xicato is able to consistently maintain a one by two step MacAdam Ellipse tolerance around its range of color points. The technology further allows for a light source that can be readily cleaned without damaging the light emitting phosphors, a critical benefit for outdoor applications.

Patent 7942540 addresses ways of changing the spectral distribution of the light coming out of a module by manipulating the relative position of at least one reflector and at least one wavelength converting area within a mixing cavity thus enabling the color point of the module to be “tuned.”

LEDs provide economic and ecological advantages over traditional lamps in many lighting applications, but many early LED lighting installations have suffered “failures” with some products exhibiting a degradation in lumen output or a noticeable change in color temperature over time.

“Xicato’s Corrected Cold Phosphor TechnologyTM solves several problems associated with using LEDs in many lighting applications,” said Xicato’s CEO, Menko DeRoos. “As a result of the advantages inherent with this technology, we believe our products are able to maintain their lumen output and even color temperature over a 50,000 hour operating life; a feat which is unequaled in the lighting industry.”

In addition to the issuance of the two new utility patents announced today, Xicato noted that is has been issued 16 design patents (2 in the U.S.) and has 19 U.S. patent applications in process along with 60 foreign counterpart filings.

About Xicato:
Xicato is a Solid State Lighting company founded by seasoned industry professionals, with offices located in Silicon Valley, California (HQ), London and Tokyo.
Xicato develops, manufactures and globally markets LED modules that simply are functional replacements for traditional lamp technologies, offering all the life and energy-saving advantages of LEDs, with no light-technical or aesthetic compromises. Xicato provides industry leading specifications via an open approach with a global circle of leading end-users, specifiers and luminaire manufacturers. Xicato is committed to address the whole broad sphere of the general illumination world, taking on segment by segment with its focus on continuous innovation.


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