Products, Materials + Tools | Apr 29, 2017

New Software Forms Foundation for CAD-Integrated Optical Design Software

Breault Research Organization (BRO) has released an updated version of the company's APEX® optical engineering software. Now available to new and existing customers with current software maintenance agreements, APEX 2010 V2R1 represents a leap forward in CAD-integrated optical software architecture.

APEX 2010 V2R1 Release Highlights:
• Release includes installations for 64-bit Windows Vista & 7, as well as 32-bit Windows XP, Vista, and & 7.
• Optical properties assigned to parts may now be edited within PART documents.
• New check prevents the definition of more than one media or coating with the same name.
• Improper reflectivity values are now automatically detected during entry of user-defined scatter models.
• Emitting Data specifications can now be applied to multiple system components in a single step.
• Catalog items can now be accessed by all users on the same computer
• Renaming catalog items now affects optical property nodes in the Optics Manager.
• Scatter models can now be applied to faces in PART documents.
• Scatter and roughness models can now be assigned to parts in PART documents.
• Source modeling features now include options for modeling hexagonal and polar-grid sources.
• Source wavelengths are now automatically detected and any potential system setup issues are displayed.
• Source Wizard dialog now allows users to stop rayset generation.
• Source data node now includes option for deleting all source analyses.
• Rays traced are now visible in all system views when ray trace results are displayed.
• New Consider Specular option allows specular rays to be included or ignored during scatter analyses.
• Contour options are available for customizing level value and color in plotted results.
• Picture Plot crosshairs have been modified to display maximum or minimum locations.
• Ray Trace and Analysis Results node now includes options for deleting all traces and analyses.
• Users can now export distribution data Results sets from analyses performed.
• As well as other enhancements, repairs, and customer-requested changes.

APEX is a stand-alone application that facilitates and optimizes an engineer's interaction with optical engineering software tools by fully integrating them in the industry-standard SolidWorks® 3D CAD software. In APEX, optical designers learn, create, design, and analyze in the same program environment -- and that environment is all about ease of use.

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About Breault Research Organization (BRO):
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