Products, Materials + Tools | Apr 29, 2017

Thermal Models for Osram LEDs Now Online

In addition to beam data and electrical data, there are now thermal models available on the internet for OSRAM LEDs – the new information relates primarily to high-power LEDs in the visible range such as the DRAGON family, the Advanced Power TopLED range, the Power TopLED range and some OSTAR versions.

Once again, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is demonstrating its high level of customer support by providing for the first time thermal models for computing different LED designs as downloads. In addition to electrical, mechanical and optical data, a compact model for Flotherm software is now permanently available online for calculating thermal behavior.

Customers can find all the documents and latest data needed for calculating thermal variables at at any time, day and night. Different designs can be tested without having to build costly prototypes or carry out time-consuming measurements. “This significantly shortens the design phases and drastically reduces development costs”, said Joachim Reill, Director LED Applications Engineering at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. The data is available for standard high-power LEDs in the visible range, particularly for the DRAGON family, for the Advanced Power TopLED range, the Power TopLED range and some OSTAR versions.
The compact model available on the website is a simplified thermal geometry model that can be integrated in “Flotherm” software and used for customer-specific calculations. It is suitable for example for calculating the temperature distribution in a planned system. With extended application support it is possible to design all end applications including display backlighting in terms of thermal criteria. “Our customers can use simulations to see which LEDs are suitable for which boards and then check the thermal behavior of the overall design”, said Reill.