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CSEM is a private research and technology organization, ensuring competitiveness through the transfer of technologies and know-how from fundamental research to industry. CSEM realizes its mission by collaborating with its extended network in academia, research, and the economy. Exploiting its advanced technology platforms and multidisciplinary know-how, the center delivers working innovation. From medical, transportation, space, and energy, to security, manufacturing, life sciences, and telecommunications—CSEM works with all sizes of company. Its clients come from a huge range of industries and from every corner of the globe. Their requirements are just as diverse, ranging from contract R&D, through small series production, to the development of specific business solutions.


European Photonics Industry Consortium
EPIC is the industry association that promotes the sustainable development of organisations working in the field of photonics in Europe. Our members encompass the entire value chain from LED lighting, Photovoltaic solar energy, Photonics Integrated Circuits, Optical components, Lasers, Sensors, Imaging, Displays, Projectors, Optic fiber, and other photonic related technologies.


The Research, Development, Training and Application Center for Energy Efficient LED Lighting
In order to reach a bright future with innovative steps, EVATEG performs many inland technological projects with various institutions, organizations and people, offers solutions with various service types.


Global Lighting Association The Global Lighting Association promotes the use of sustainable, energy efficient lighting solutions while maintaining and improving the quality of lighting. The GLA unites on a global level the leading national and regional industry associations for lighting technology. GLA functions as a forum for exchange and formulation of technical and policy information and is a recognized authority on issues of concern to the global lighting industry.


Holst Center

Holst Centre is an independent R&D center that develops technologies for wireless autonomous sensor technologies and flexible electronics, in an open innovation setting and in dedicated research trajectories. A key feature of Holst Centre is its partnership model with industry and academia based around roadmaps and programs. It is this kind of cross-fertilization that enables Holst Centre to tune its scientific strategy to industrial needs.


International SSL Alliance

ISA is an international and not-for-profit organization, registered in Hong Kong, aiming to promote the sustainable development and application of Solid State Lighting (SSL) worldwide. ISA currently has 76 members with more than 4,000 associated members, representing 70% of the output of global SSL industry. ISA members consists of almost all the major players of the global SSL community, including leading industry, academic and application entities.


Joanneum Research JOANNEUM RESEARCH Forschungsgesellschaft mbH is a leading international research organisation that develops solutions and technologies for businesses and industry covering a wide range of sectors. As an INNOVATION COMPANY focused on applied research and technology development, it plays a key role in facilitating the transfer of technology and knowledge in Styria.


KTH. Sweden and SELITERA AB SLC- provides machine understanding and learning of an illuminated scene in order to transform conventional agnostic lighting into dynamic, intelligent lighting by digitally altering the quality, quantity and informational capacity of light based on awareness of the individual, his/her current context, the task at hand, location and mobility.


The Li-Fi Research and Development Centre The Li-Fi Research and Development Centre (The Centre) is dedicated to accelerating the development of Li-Fi as a major global industry, through creating a pipeline for innovative ideas, technologies, products and partnerships.


LightCube LightCube is a UNIPD spin-off active in the research, development and design of LED lighting systems. LightCube is specialized in the electronic, optical and spectral development of innovative LED solutions and IoT systems. In electronics, the skills lie in the development of: microcontroller electronics for advanced control of LED systems, power LED drivers, sensors, Wired and wireless communication systems. In optics, the development of custom lenses and reflectors for complex optical tasks: from street lighting to surgical lights. In the thermal field, the design of advanced thermal solutions for reliability, performance and energy efficiency. LightCube's activity is also focused on the development of Human Centric Lighting solutions, these systems interact with biology and human psyche to improve health, reduce stress, and balance the circadian sleep / wake rhythm.


LightingEurope LightingEurope is an industry association representing leading European lighting manufacturers, national lighting associations, and companies producing materials. We are committed to innovation, sustainability, quality and leadership. We contribute to shape policy and establish industry standards and guidelines. We are dedicated to promoting efficient lighting practices for the benefit of the global environment, human comfort, and the health and safety of consumers.


Luger Research

We foster a global understanding of future lighting solutions. We do this by raising awareness, communicating and supporting the lighting industry and research, and by facilitating partnerships. This enables lighting technologies and trends to contribute to sustainability and well-being, for a better future.


Photonics 21 The European Technology Platform Photonics21, founded in 2005, represents the industry as well as research organisations in the field of photonics in Europe.


Photonics Industry & Development Association 

The Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA) is a non-profit organization working with private enterprises and government agencies to increase the competitiveness of Taiwan's optoelectronics industry. PIDA actively engages in industry research, conference, exhibition, membership service, international cooperation, and producing publications for the optoelectronics industry. The association has been organizing OPTO Taiwan exposition since 1984. Now PIDA is the organizer of the big event - Photonics Festival in Taiwan, comprising of exhibitions and conferences of OPTO Taiwan, LED Lighting Taiwan, OPTICS Taiwan, Solar Taiwan and Display Taiwan.


Steinbeis Transferzentrum Beleuchtungstechnik & Lichttechnik
The Steinbeis brand has stood for the successful transfer and sharing of know-how and technology for over 30 years. Steinbeis builds made-to-last bridges between the source of knowledge and the area of application. This is because Steinbeis employees are at home at both ends of the bridge. At Steinbeis, the focus during all projects lies in the tangible benefit for clients or the business partner. Steinbeis operates independently of state backing, always adhering to market rules with all the services it provides. The organizational foundation of our success is based on entrepreneurial transfer processes for which we assume personal responsibility, underpinned by decentralized operations that are coordinated through a centralized framework.


The University of Edinburgh We are a truly global University, making a significant contribution to the world, though global partnership, exchange and engagement.

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The Zhaga Consortium


The Zhaga Consortium is developing specifications that enable the interchangeability of LED light sources made by multiple different manufacturers. The Zhaga specifications, known as Books, describe the interfaces between LED luminaires and LED light engines.