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General Assembly Approves Transfer of Zhaga Books 18 and 20 to IEC

The Zhaga General Assembly has decided in November 2020 to transfer the Zhaga Books 18 and 20 to the IEC. Sharing Zhaga specifications with global standard development organizations is included in the Zhaga mission and has the goal of increasing global acceptance of Zhaga specifications.

The Zhaga Books 18 and 20 define smart interfaces between outdoor and indoor luminaires and sensing and/or communication modules. The exclusivity period of one year allowing only Regular and Associate members to access the Zhaga Books 18 and 20 has expired.

The Zhaga mission includes the active sharing of Zhaga specifications with other global and regional standards development organizations with the end goal of gaining increased global acceptance of the Zhaga specifications. In the past, already Book 7, 10, 12 and 14 were shared.

The transfer of the Books 18 and 20 to IEC were approved by the Zhaga General Assembly in November 2020. The next steps will be to formalize the arrangements with IEC. This means in detail the conclusion of a liaison agreement and the identification of a working group in IEC.

Assuming typical procedures within the IEC, books 18 and 20 can be adopted as IEC standards in about 2-3 years.

About Zhaga:

Zhaga is a global association of lighting companies that is standardizing interfaces of components of LED luminaires, including LED light engines, LED modules, LED arrays, holders, electronic control gear (LED drivers), connectors and sensor and/or wireless communication modules. This helps to streamline the LED lighting supply chain, and to simplify LED luminaire design and manufacturing. Zhaga continues to develop specifications based on the inter-related themes of interoperable components, smart and connected lighting, and serviceable luminaires. -