Standardization + Regulation | Apr 29, 2017

Standardization of Performance Criteria for LED Luminaires

This guiding paper is intended to help bring clarity by introducing a universal set of quality criteria that are recently described in two IEC/PAS documents. As a user of LED luminaires it is important to apply the same set of standardised and therefore comparable quality criteria when evaluating manufacturer’s claims. Users of LED luminaires should always ask for LED luminaire specifications measured in compliance with the new IEC/PAS documents.

In standardisation there are three elements that can be standardised: technical definitions, measurement methods and limiting values. The IEC/PAS performance requirement documents describe the definition of quality criteria and the way to measure them.

This will allow all interested parties to judge comparison claims on an equal, like-for-like basis. Only then will we have a genuinely level playing field for those IEC/PAS elements that truly serves the interests of end-users, specifiers, designers and manufacturers.

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