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Zhaga Confirms Plan to Transfer Book 18 to IEC

The Zhaga Consortium has confirmed its plan to transfer Book 18 Ed. 2.0 to IEC, after the completion of the specification expected by mid-2019 and approval by the General Assembly. This Book describes a smart interface for outdoor luminaires and specifies power, communication and mechanical aspects. The decision is following the already ongoing transfers of Books 1,7,10,12 and 14.

During its most recent members' meeting, the Zhaga Consortium confirmed its plan to transfer Zhaga Book 18 Ed. 2.0 to IEC. This transfer follows existing practice in Zhaga to bring successful and well adopted specifications to the IEC. This way, Zhaga achieves a wider consensus, a larger audience and full harmonization with existing and accepted IEC standards and practices. The transfer of Book 18 Ed 2.0 follows the ongoing transfers by Zhaga to IEC of its LED module Books 1, 7, 10, 12, and 14, which all have been successfully adopted by the market.

Zhaga Book 18 2.0 describes a smart interface for outdoor luminaires and specifies power and communication aspects in addition to the mechanical aspects already covered in Book 18 Ed. 1.0. The book simplifies the addition of application modules such as sensors and communication nodes to LED luminaires with plug-and-play interoperability. This interoperability will be of great benefit to the entire value chain. It reduces complexity and adds value for the luminaire maker, installer and possibly more importantly the specifier. Zhaga Book 18 Ed 2.0 will allow any certified module to operate with any certified luminaire.

"The Zhaga mission is all about interoperability", Zhaga SG Dee Denteneer comments, "and what we are aiming for with Book 18 is a "USB-like industry standard for lighting". A transfer to IEC of only the mechanical interface specified in Zhaga Book 18 Ed. 1.0 would fall short of our goals. Therefore, we will initiate the transfer only when Ed. 2.0 has been completed because this edition safeguards full interoperability."

As described in the Press Release from 31 January 2019, Zhaga Book 18 Ed 2.0 is a collaboration with the Digital Illumination Industry Alliance (DiiA) and references DiiA specifications.  These DiiA specifications will be transferred to the IEC in a separate process, also following standing practice with the DALI protocols.

Zhaga will initiate the transfer with highest priority after the completion of the specification and its approval by the General Assembly, expected by mid-2019.


Press Release, 31 January 2019: Zhaga and DiiA agree joint certification program for a smart luminaire interface

About Zhaga:

Zhaga is a global association of lighting companies that is standardizing interfaces of components of LED luminaires, including LED light engines, LED modules, LED arrays, holders, electronic control gear (LED drivers) and connectivity fit systems. This helps to streamline the LED lighting supply chain, and to simplify LED luminaire design and manufacturing. Zhaga continues to develop specifications based on the inter-related themes of interoperable components, smart and connected lighting, and serviceable luminaires. For more information, visit