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Statements | Apr 12, 2017
Professor Shuji Nakamura
Professor Shuji Nakamura PROF. NAKAMURA SAID: "For violet LEDs we reach about 50-100 Acm-2 but the laser diode uses 3-10 kAcm-2 which is about 1,000 times higher than blue LEDs. This leads to very tiny chips in combination with the same phosphors such as YAG types. The light output is about 1,000 times higher than conventional LEDs with the same chip-size". Read more »
Statements | Apr 13, 2017
Dr. Jy Bhardwaj
Dr. Jy Bhardwaj DR. JY BHARDWAJ SAID: "LEDs get integrated into the infrastructure, or let’s say, embedded. Instead of points of light there will be ceilings of light or walls of light. LEDs will be integrated into work surfaces, tables and all kinds of different things". Read more »
Statements | Jul 25, 2017
Paul Scheidt, Cree - Horticulture Lighting
Paul Scheidt, Cree - Horticulture Lighting "When you go into horticulture application the light output level directly correlates to the yield that you see in the plants. There is no buffer, when lights dim, the yield goes down. If something degrades very quickly and is 100% for one growth cycle then goes down to 90% for the second growth cycle, you will see a reduced yield. There is no room for adjustments." Paul Scheidt Read more »