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WEBINAR: "LED Luminaire Design: Optimization and Analysis" by Lambda Research

Learn how TracePro® illumination design, optimization, and analysis software can improve and accelerate LED lighting design. This webinar will guide you through a step-by-step process from model setup through design optimization, analysis, and reporting.



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Beginning with an LED model built in SolidWorks, you will learn how to import the model using the TracePro Bridge for SolidWorks, set up the model in TracePro including the LED sources and an optimized reflector design, and see how the optimizer can be used to select the best diffuser from a catalog of properties to meet illumination and uniformity goals. You will also get a first-hand look at how to use the tools in TracePro to visualize and analyze the results including use of an IES file and the IES/LDT Analysis Utility.

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Design Engineers
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Opto-mechanical  Designers
LED Luminaire Designers

Lighting, Luminaires, Light Pipes, LEDs, Software, Industrial, Vehicles



Dave Jacobsen, Senior Applications Engineer,
Lambda Research Corporation

Dave Jacobsen is a Senior Applications Engineer at Lambda Research Corporation with over 25 years of optical engineering experience. Dave is Lambda Research Corporation's primary sales engineer and teaches many of the TracePro classes, both in the US and worldwide. Prior to coming to Lambda Research Corporation, Dave worked as a Principal Optical Engineer at PerkinElmer, formerly EG&G, working with xenon flashlamp based systems for illumination, machine vision, and process control as well as designing spectroscopy systems.

Title: "LED Luminaire Design: Optimization and Analysis"
Recorded: Wednesday, May 7, 2014 --- 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM CET