White Paper | IP, Reports & Roadmaps | Jan 03, 2013

DoE Releases CALiPER 2012 Year in Review Report

The CALiPER program has tested more than 500 products since its inception in 2006, revealing a variety of performance trends, holding manufacturers accountable for claims, and identifying concerns that limit adoption. Over the past six years, the LED marketplace has changed substantially; previously relegated to niche status, LED products are now a viable alternative in many product categories and market share is expected to grow rapidly. Starting in 2012, Summary Reports focus on a single product type or application.

Products are selected with the intent of capturing the current state of the market—a cross section ranging from expected low to high performing products—with the bulk characterizing the average of the range. The CALiPER 2012 Year in Review report document summarizes recent testing results and provides an overview of multiyear trends.

For more detailed informat you may visit the CALiPER Summary Reports website to download different summary reports.